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Take a Break from the Turkey: Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

It’s that time of year again for gathering around the table with family and friends and enjoying a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The tradition of celebrating the holidays Holidays-150x150with family and friends is a time honored tradition, but Nakato Japanese Restaurant want’s to suggest that after you’ve had your fill of this holiday favorite consider visiting one of our restaurants in Charlotte, N.C. or Springfield, Missouri.

While our restaurant menu doesn’t feature turkey we do appreciate this healthy meat as being a great alternative to chicken. So, we hope that all of our customers have a wonderful holiday season. We know you will enjoy every bite of turkey during dinner.

After the big day, you will probably be eating leftover turkey in some fashion. Turkey sandwiches are popular. Turkey casserole and soup is pretty good too. Add turkey meat to a salad with your favorite dressing. There are several ways to make turkey into a satisfying meal.

There comes a point, though, when you will begin craving something other than turkey. Hey, we love turkey also, but there are alternatives. May we suggest that you break up your turkey eating with some delicious Japanese hibachi style food?

Feel free to come into Nakato and order up a nice juicy New York strip steak. We’ll prepare it sizzling hot right on our large grill. We use only the finest cuts of beef and we always cook your steak just the way you like it. But hey, you can go one step further and have a surf and turf meal featuring steak and your choice of seafood. Our popular combinations include steak and lobster, steak and shrimp, steak and salmon and steak and scallops. Nakato healthy, hearty meals can certainly make you temporarily forget about turkey.index-150x150

Perhaps you prefer something on the lighter side. We’ve got you covered. We also have chicken, shrimp, salmon and scallop Teppan Yaki meals. Our main meat and seafood is usually served with sides like our delicious fried rice and bean sprouts. If you would prefer a salad, just ask.

For the youngsters in the family our children’s menu has child size portions of Teriyaki Chicken, shrimp, steak and even filet mignon. Kids love coming to Nakato and sitting around the large hibachi grill. Their eyes usually grow wide like saucers when they watch their assigned table chef work his magic right before their eyes. Playing with your food takes on a whole new meaning at Nakato. Bring the entire family in for an entertaining culinary treat.

You might like to know that we do have a few tasty dessert selections on the menu. Now, we know they cannot compete with all of those yummy desserts served at home. But, our desserts are a nice way to end a great meal. We have ice cream (green tea, lychee and vanilla), cheesecake and tempura fried banana with vanilla ice cream.

Nakato Japanese Steakhouse is a warm and friendly place to come and relax for a spell between holiday meals. To all of you excellent turkey meal cooks, we welcome you with open arms. Let us do all the cooking while you kick back and enjoy our food and atmosphere. And if you are still trying to find those last minute gift ideas, shop online for a Nakato gift certificate.

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