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What is a Teppanyaki Style Steakhouse

There are plenty of fine dining establishments serving popular American style food such as steak and seafood in Charlotte, NC and Springfield Missouri. A nice 43267-150x150alternative to the traditional fine dining experience is the Japanese steakhouse. In Charlotte, Springfield and cities across the United States, Nakato  Japanese Restaurant bring a unique twist on meal preparation that is a hybrid of cooking styles from America and Japan.

Chefs in a Japanese steakhouse practice what is known as “Teppanyaki” style cooking. In the Japanese language Teppanyaki means broiling or cooking foods over a hot plate or griddle. When you visit the steakhouse you’ll see each table has a large griddle attached. That’s something you won’t find in other restaurants. This style of Japanese cooking brings diners up close to meal preparation. After you are seated at your table, you’ll have the pleasure of being assigned a chef who will cook your meal on the griddle as you watch. You could say that this is truly an interactive dining experience.

Diners in the United States enjoy eating steak and that is why you’ll find it prominently featured on the menu. In fact, serving steak is what sets the Teppanyaki restaurant apart from traditional Japanese restaurants. Top quality beef dinners include NY Strip steak, Hibachi Steak, Teriyaki Steak and Filet Mignon. These tender cuts of beef are brought directly to the table grill and cooked to perfection according to each diner’s preference. It is hard to stop your mouth from watering as you sit there watching the beef brown and release its savory juices. Every morsel tastes heavenly to a steak lover.

Teppanyaki style cooking isn’t just for steaks. Chefs also prepare fresh chicken, seafood, noodles, rice and vegetables on the grill. A typical meal at a popular Japanese Springfield-grill-150x150steakhouse may include large jumbo prawn, chicken, scallops, lobster tail, steak, salmon, calamari and any number or Japanese style appetizers. Vegetarians delight in a hearty vegetable dinner that may include fried tofu. Diners that want more traditional Japanese food may order fresh sushi from the sushi bar. This combination of American food done with Japanese flair is what most people love about these steakhouses.

Of course, a discussion about Teppanyaki cooking is not complete without mentioning the entertainment factor. Your personal chef is there to entertain you as well as serve up a scrumptious meal. The chef handles his cooking tools with an expertise that rivals any stage performer. He places the meat on the grill and works his magic as it sizzles. Meat is seasoned, tossed in sauce and sliced if needed. Cooked food is served up immediately.

The chef’s sharp knife blade and handy spatula are used to chop vegetables into bite-sized pieces. He may choose to make a face out of your rice, which puts a smile on everyone’s face. Some items are tossed in the air and caught with precision moves worthy of an NBA player. Watching a chef play around with eggs is highly amusing. Meals prepared the Teppanyaki way seem to taste much better for some reason. Visit your local Nakato Japanese Steakhouse for a truly memorable dining experience.

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