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Forget the Burger: Try the Sushi Bar Instead

It’s mealtime in Springfield, Missouri or Charlotte, North Carolina and you’ve got a decision to make. Should you go to the fast food place and grab a burger or get something else?slide-4-150x150

Burgers are okay, but they sure get repetitive after a while. By now you’ve probably tried every burger combination known to man. Why not shake things up a bit and go for something outside of the boring old burger box and stop by Nakato Japanese Steakhouse?

Sushi is a great alternative to fast food

Sushi is healthy, nutritious and super delicious. Perhaps you’ve shied away from choosing sushi as a quick meal because you think of it as a fine dining experience. Sushi is actually comfort food that’s good any time of day. Plenty of locals enjoy stopping over at their favorite Japanese steakhouse during mealtime. The sushi bar is just as fabulous in midday as it is in the evening.

Heading out to the sushi bar has become popular among many people that want to stay away from food that is fattening and greasy. Groups of coworkers can often be found eating sushi appetizers with a glass of wine or sake. Most people indulge in a plate of sushi rolls accompanied by tasty Japanese sauces. In Charlotte, eating sushi for dinner is a nice change from standard fare at mealtime.

What about people that are hesitant to go out for sushi because they’ve never tried it before?

Well, there’s a first time for everything. Often when sushi lovers mention a sushi bar to the uninitiated they are met with a wrinkled brow. Some people have a real fear of eating raw fish. The best way to handle this situation is to inform your friend that they are going to be eating at a Japanese steakhouse. They’ll loosen up and realize that they won’t feel so out of place. Steakhouses have an ample menu of sushi and non-sushi food.index-150x150

Are you curious to try sushi?

Dinnertime is the perfect opportunity to sample some authentic Japanese sushi in a relaxed atmosphere. The key to enjoying the sushi bar for the first time is to stay within your comfort zone. Browse the sushi menu and find foods that are familiar to you. Sushi comes in a lot of different variations. Beginners to sushi easily find several sushi selections that contain combinations of rice and vegetables with tuna or salmon. Fried rolls are another option that features crab or vegetables deep-fried in tempura.

As your taste buds become accustomed to sushi, you’ll feel more comfortable trying sushi made from more exotic seafood such as eel (unagi), octopus (tako), salmon roe (ikura), whitefish (shiromi) or yellowtail (hamachi). You will quickly find out that sushi is much like any other food – you’ll definitely like certain flavors over others.

Looking for a Value Meal?

Sushi is affordable and you can get the most “bang for your buck” by ordering a sushi plate that includes many different items for you to enjoy. For example, assorted sushi trays may include combinations of Nigiri, fish, shashimi or Cali Roll. That kind of variety fills you up without leaving you sluggish. So, next time you’re thinking about grabbing a burger at the drive thru, switch things up and come in for an amazingly good sushi meal that keeps you going strong for the rest of the day.

So the next time you are ready for a dinner break, stop by one of our Nakato Japanese Steakhouse locations in Springfield and Charlotte.


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