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Sushi and Summer: A Perfect Combination

Sushi is one of America’s favorite foods all year round, but there’s something special about sushi and index-150x150summer that seems to make it that much more mouthwatering. Perhaps it’s the relationship between the freshness of fish and seafood that makes it so appealing on hot days. Because of the heat, you often don’t feel like eating anything heavy, and your body doesn’t really need it. Therefore, sushi provides you with a light and healthy alternative to heavier foods.

When it comes to making and serving awesome summertime sushi Nakato Japanese Steakhouse is unsurpassed. Our sushi bar in Charlotte is a popular destination for locals and tourists. We can say the same for our sushi bar in Springfield, which is often busy. People love our sushi, because it’s super fresh, but most importantly, it is prepared according to authentic Japanese standards. Nakato sushi chefs are among the best anywhere and we don’t cut corners on ingredients or preparations. We welcome all sushi lovers to come to our restaurant, order anything from our sushi menu and compare our sushi to others.

Nakato sushi lovers are raving about our sushi menu and you’ll find that some of our loyal customers like it so much they leave a review for you to read. The quality of our sushi is something we’re very proud of slide-4-150x150and we are dedicated to giving our customers the best of the best.

The Sushi Platter

During the summer months, you may be in the mood to eat a light dish, but still desire to experience that burst of flavor in your mouth, and the excitement of mingling textures on your tongue. If you’re one of these people, we highly recommend you order one of our sushi platters to satiate your appetite.

Our sushi platters offer you a lot of flexibility when choosing selections from our varied menu. Nakato sushi platters allow you to order one or more types of sushi to enjoy at one sitting. You can mix various sushi rolls. For instance, you can order your favorite roll and taste one of our other roll combinations. You can also order sushi rolls along with sashimi, which are thin slices of fresh fish sitting atop white rice. Or, combine sushi rolls with slices of fish without the rice.

Socializing with friends and family during the summer is very common and the whole gang should visit Nakato sushi bar in Springfield or sushi bar in Charlotte for social sushi. No, this isn’t the latest dance craze or party game. Social sushi is simply hanging out at our place and sharing one or more platters of fresh, delicious sushi made the way you like it. Nakato is a blast during the summer and lots of people escape the heat by coming in to share a sushi platter over lunch or dinner. Oh, and you can wash it down with an ice cold beverage.

In the mood for sushi? Great! Come to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse for the best summer sushi in town.

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While You’re On the Go This Summer Don’t Forget to Stop by Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Summertime has started and you’re probably making a list of things you want to do, as many people do crowd_large-150x150this time of year. There certainly isn’t a lack of fun activities to do in our area. You have access to music concerts, festivals, parks and any number of fun things, including shopping and eating.

While you’re out and about having a good time don’t forget to add Nakato Japanese restaurant in Charlotte or Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Springfield to your to do list. We too are considered a local favorite in two areas: dining out and entertainment.

Lip Smacking Good Comfort Food

Residents of Charlotte and Springfield can appreciate good old-fashioned comfort food that is affordable and so good that you want to just lick the plate clean when you’re done. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you come to one of our restaurants. We are known as one of the area’s best at serving up ample plates of delicious NY strip steak that is so juicy and tender you can practically eat it without using a veggie-150x150knife, but we recommend using a knife so you’ll be able to enjoy each morsel slowly.

We grill fresh chicken breasts the same way we do steak, and it turns out wonderfully tender, and we’re sure you’re going to love it. In addition to our choice meats, we also grill up fresh seafood daily for your eating enjoyment. Come to Nakato for hibachi style shrimp, scallops or perhaps you prefer salmon steaks cooked to perfection. Maybe you’re in the mood for filet mignon or lobster, if so you can definitely satisfy your cravings here.

Summer is also the time for lighter foods and since Japanese cooking is light and healthy, you’ll be able to eat a lot more without feeling weighed down from too much fat. Stick with our traditional sides of rice or noodles. Order a side salad to go along with your meat or seafood entrée or enjoy our sushi bar in Springfield or sushi bar in Charlotte.

Sushi is another type of Japanese comfort food that you can order as a meal, or enjoy as a side item along sushi004-150x150with your hibachi dinner. Many of our loyal customers will tell you that no one does sushi better than Nakato. We’re the premier sushi place in Charlotte for one reason: it’s absolutely fresh and tastes divine.

We make many varieties of popular sushi rolls such as California and Philadelphia. But, we also offer some creatively unique sushi rolls that are sure to be just as exciting as any amusement park ride. Choose whatever type of sushi experience you like: sweet and spicy, hot and spicy, savory or exotically adventurous. One thing we know for sure is that you’ll never get bored eating selections found on our sushi menu.

Come In and Cool Off

Nakato is a great place to visit on those hot summer days when you need somewhere to relax while cooling off from the summer heat. Come in alone, with a friend, or as part of a group and dine among other happy customers. We’re very casual so it’s fine for you to come inside wearing shorts and flip flops. Oh, and be sure to bring a big appetite so that you can enjoy several of our tasty menu items.

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Make Sure Your Graduation Plans Include a Trip to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Graduation time marks another end to an important chapter in life. Young people graduating from high graduation-02-150x150school are either preparing to take that next step on their educational ladder by going to college, or deciding what’s next for their lives. Those graduating from college are getting ready to enter the workforce as a full-fledged adult, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails. This is a big occasion that many families wish to share with their graduates.

After the graduation ceremonies are complete, everybody is hungry and wants to head somewhere to get some great-tasting food and unwind with loved ones. We know just the place where you can do both: Nakato Japanese restaurant in Charlotte or Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Springfield.

Casual Dining Atmosphere

There’s no reason to leave a formal graduation and then feel obligated to spend more time eating in a Hibachi-01-150x150place that makes you feel like you can’t kick back and relax. Nakato is a casual dining place where families can come in, be seated at a nice table and feel free to talk, laugh and let your hair down. Often, there’s lots of chatter about school, family matters and all sorts of things, and you can certainly enjoy each other’s company while indulging in some good old-fashioned Japanese steakhouse meals.

Spectacular Cooking

A chef is assigned to your table to cook and entertain while you watch. Smiles abound as our chef does his fancy culinary work right before your eyes. Order delicious meals from our menu featuring N.Y. strip steak, grilled chicken, salmon, shrimp and other popular seafood. We also offer Japanese style rice and healthy vegetables to compliment your meat or seafood.

If you’re used to never seeing the chef when you eat out, you’re in for a real treat. Nakato chefs know how veggie-150x150to make cooking fascinating and fun. Come for the entertainment as well as the great food.

World-Class Sushi

Nakato sushi bar in Charlotte and sushi bar in Springfield is famous for our amazing sushi platters featuring fresh sushi prepared traditionally by our sushi chefs. Your sushi loving graduates are sure to be thrilled with the variety of selections on our sushi menu. Treat them to a sushi platter with treats made with assorted fish and seafood along with rice, vegetables and tangy sauces.

Toast to the Future

Share a wonderful toast between family and friends with our selection of red and white wines, domestic and imported beer and Japanese sake. We love it when family members share their joy for young people who are starting on a new journey in life, and we have plenty of wonderful drink choices to help you celebrate.

Reserve a Table

Graduation is a busy time at Nakato so it’s a good idea to call us ahead of time to reserve a table for your dining party. Of course, you can always stop in and wait for a table, but calling is the better option for large groups.

Call Nakato today and reserve a table for graduation day. We’ll provide plenty fun and food.

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The Search for the Perfect Sushi Ends at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Searching for a restaurant that can prepare sushi that actually tastes as it should and not like something conjured up in a bad nightmare can be a real challenge. For some people the quest for perfect sushi is an ongoing adventure that never seems to end. For people who have found Nakato Japanese restaurant in Charlotte or Springfield, their quest has officially ended in success.

Nakato sushi bar in Charlotte and sushi bar in Springfield locations have quickly earned a reputation for slide-4-150x150serving up high quality sushi that is always fresh, presented beautifully and is exquisitely delicious from the first bite to the last. Finding sushi that is this good is equivalent to finding gold in an otherwise barren landscape. Up to now you’ve heard about how good sushi can be, but you’ve never had a chance to taste it.

Well, now is the time to pick a date on the calendar to come on in and order from our electrifying menu of amazingly good sushi choices. Our sushi menu has something for the novice sushi taster, as well as, experienced sushi connoisseur. So, put on your invisible adventure hat and explore Nakato sushi bar.

Digging for Rolls

Got a thing for sushi rolls?

Nakato is the place to come digging for all the sushi rolls you can eat. That’s right. Whatever kind of roll you’re in the mood for is right here, and its served up fresh each day. Our Hope roll is a stoic choice for those days you need to feel the world is still worth saving. Hope roll includes crab, cream cheese and shrimp tempura.

Feel the power of the master with our Dojo roll. You’re in complete control with this roll that contains index-150x150spicy tuna and smoked salmon. Alternatively, Charger roll is for those who want to fearlessly dive right into fried calamari with boiled shrimp, avocado and eel sauce.

Tango roll makes you feel like dancing all night to sweet rhythmic music. This roll has crab stick tempura, cucumber and mango as dance partners. But, if you really want to get things heated order a Hot Lava roll, which includes cail, baked scallops and spicy aioli. Add extra heat with our Volcano roll, which is a battered and fried California roll with baked crab salad on top.

Uncovering Unique Gems

Nakato also offers you the opportunity to taste our beautifully done Nigiri sushi that consists of delicate pieces of fish served with rice. Or, Sashimi sushi that is the same fish served without rice. Both types of sushi is prepared and served fresh by our sushi chefs. Some of the numerous seafood choices we offer are crab, shrimp, surf clam, scallops mix, smoked salmon and tuna. For our more adventurous guests we have: squid, octopus, eel and sea urchin.

We’ve presented just a brief glimpse of our extensive sushi menu, and we invite you to make plans today to come to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse sushi bar in Charlotte or Nakato Japanese Steakhouse sushi bar in Springfield for lunch, or dinner, and enjoy the experience with friends. You too will realize that your quest for the best sushi in town is finally over.

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March is the Perfect Time to Stop by Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

March is here, and it’s a transitional month. Springtime is just around the corner, hurray!

While you’re waiting for spring to come you’re more than welcome to spend some time at Nakato Japanese restaurant in Hibachi-01-150x150Springfield or the Nakato sushi restaurant in Charlotte. We’ve got plenty of room for groups to share a few laughs while enjoying platefuls of hearty grilled meat and vegetables.

March is said to roar in like a lion, because there’s still plenty of cold and snow for most of the month. At Nakato, things are much mellower inside the walls of our restaurant. Although, it’s not unusual to see a few of our customers roaring with laughter and good cheer as they enjoy their meal. Our customers typically roar in approval over our delicious food that is efficiently prepared right at your table by our wonderful chefs.

Don’t forget that Nakato has a reputation for being a fantastic sushi bar in Charlotte and sushi bar in Springfield. Sushi lovers come here from everywhere just to taste our mouthwatering sushi and sashimi plates. There certainly isn’t a shortage of sushi rolls here. Whether you like your sushi mild or a bit spicy, you are sure to find exactly what you want on our expansive sushi menu.

Another thing we know many of our customers enjoy during March is college football. In celebration of March madness, you must come and take advantage of our super food specials. These are deals that allow you to stuff your face like a champ while saving money.

We kind of have our own spin on March madness around here. No, we don’t wear colorful face paint in support of a basketball slide-4-150x150team, or get rowdy like a sports bar. But, we do have ample amounts of beer to enjoy with your meal, and sake, if that’s more your speed. As a matter of fact, when you need to take a lunch or dinner break in between college basketball games, we invite you to indulge in some eating madness of your own. You’ll be fully refreshed to cheer on your favorite teams.

Did we mention that it’s still kind of cold outside?

Well, it is. And, you can escape the chill of late winter by ducking into Nakato for a while and filling up on hot menu items such as NY strip steak, grilled chicken, or something from our fresh seafood selection.

Remember, March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, and if you haven’t made plans to go out and celebrate, now is the time to consider getting in on the fun. While we don’t serve traditional Irish foods, we do serve up steaming plates of meat, rice and seafood that is every bit as good as corned beef and cabbage. There’s no shame in eating Japanese food on St. Patty’s Day, and we encourage you to bring your friends in for a great time.

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Nakato Japanese Steakhouse: The Cure for the Winter Blues

The “winter blues” is not just a figment of some poetry writer’s imagination. There really is such a thing called seasonal affective disorder that affects millions of people each winter. If People walk bundled up in the snow on Tryon St. in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014. (Diedra Laird/Charlotte Observer/MCT) ORG XMIT: 1148451you’re feeling a bit glum during these long winter days, perhaps you have a touch of SAD, which causes a feeling of mild depression or maybe you just need a pick me up that comes from a visit to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse.

Staying active by taking walks, exercising and hanging out with friends is a great way to counteract those winter doldrums and lift your spirits. Nakato Japanese restaurant in Springfield and Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Charlotte are the perfect places to blast away the winter blues. For one thing, our restaurant is a happy place filled with people chatting, eating, laughing and generally enjoying their dining experience. It’s hard to feel down when you’re surrounded by the positive energy shared by those around you.

Experts on SAD advise being around lots of natural and artificial light sources. This makes total sense, because winter skies can be gray and devoid of vibrancy. Inside Nakato restaurant, there is always plenty of light to stimulate your mood. Our dining lighting is comfortable and enhances the dining experience without being overpowering.

Lighting isn’t the only thing that will cheer you up. Nakato wait staff and chefs are courteous and eager to please. Our staff carries on the tradition of Japanese politeness that is a big part of traditional Asian culture. We want you to always feel welcome and well taken care of while you’re in our fine establishment.slide-4-150x150

In addition to upbeat lighting and wait service, Nakato chefs assigned to your table provide some marvelous culinary entertainment. When you choose to dine hibachi style your assigned chef prepares your entire meal in front of you. It’s hard to feel gloomy while watching a chef quickly maneuver, chop and cook an assortment of meats and vegetables. As steak, shrimp or chicken sizzles on the grill, the savory aromas gently call upon you to prepare for a delicious meal.

Another food specialty at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse is sushi. We have top-rated sushi bars in Springfield and sushi bars in Charlotte that are sure to put a smile on your face. Sushi lovers from Springfield, Charlotte and beyond, come to Nakato to indulge in a sushi meal featuring fresh fish selections made to order. If this is what you crave, come on in and order a platter from our extensive sushi menu. Each bite of sushi is like a little ray of sunshine.

Nakato is a casual dining place. There’s no need to dress up or do anything fancy before coming here. You can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner and relax in a friendly atmosphere. Whenever those winter blues start getting you down escape to Nakato. The moment you sit down you’ll feel those blues quickly melting away.

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Creating the Perfect Sushi at Nakato’s Japanese Restaurant

Have you ever wondered how the perfect piece of sushi is made?

Truthfully, there isn’t a high quality Japanese restaurant in the world that hasn’t put much time and effort into creating perfect bites of sushi for customers. Of coursushi004-150x150se, perfection is in the eye of the sushi eater, so any attempts at making the best sushi in the world are always subject to personal opinion.

Here at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse with our sushi bar in Charlotte and our sushi bar in Springfield, you can bet that we too are always on a quest to create perfect sushi for our guests. You may not think of Springfield as much of a sushi city, but in fact, there are plenty of sushi lovers in this area who are very discriminating about their sushi. These sushi connoisseurs know that any Japanese restaurant that stakes its reputation on its sushi bar better deliver on quality, or suffer the consequences.

This time-honored desire to make the very best sushi is deeply embedded into the heart of each Nakato sushi chef. Our chefs are well aware that Nakato is not the only sushi bar out there. Therefore, in order to earn a reputation as being one of the best sushi bars in town, we’ve got to deliver great quality every single day. That’s no small feat. However, our Nakato sushi chefs understand that they must perform to a higher standard than everyone else in order to impress our loyal sushi fans.

Making sushi in Charlotte or sushi in Springfield is an art, not just a culinary task done for fun. A real sushi chef takes great pride in his work and goes to great lengths to ensure that each piece that lands on a plate is worthy of its place. Nakato sushi chefs are definitely among this class of experts. They understand that when you come into our reindex-150x150staurant and go to the sushi bar you’re expecting a plateful of delicately arranged fresh fish married with rice, and a variety of intriguing flavors. Thanks to the dedication of our expert sushi chefs that’s exactly what we deliver.

The pursuit of sushi perfection is a part of our culinary DNA. We know that the competition for local sushi lovers is stiff, and we want you to come back and enjoy our sushi often. So far, we are fortunate to be among the most popular sushi bars in the area. However, we want you to know that we’ll never take this earned status for granted. The competition for best honors, and the constant expectations of our customers is enough to keep our sushi chefs at peak performance levels in the kitchen.

Maybe there should be a Top Chef competition in the sushi category. If there were such a show, we know that our chefs would do quite well. The good news is that when you are in Springfield or Charlotte, you can visit Nakato anytime to enjoy our amazing selection of fresh sushi. We prepare it just the way you love it – perfect.

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Start Your New Year’s Off With a Trip to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

The New Year has begun in Charlotte and Springfield, with it comes all sorts of new possibilities to do exciting things. You’ve got a list of resolutions to get started on and there’s no better place img_homepage-2-150x150to plan out how you’re going to do all these great things than at a Japanese restaurant in Charlotte or Springfield. As a matter of fact, Nakato Japanese Steakhouse has an excellent reputation for offering guests a deliciously hearty and healthy meal at affordable prices.

Does Sushi Make You Smarter?

We’ve noticed that a lot of smart people seem to come to our sushi bar in Charlotte or our sushi bar in Springfield and order platters of fresh sushi that rival the fanciest sushi places anywhere. While we can’t say for sure that eating sushi improves your mental abilities, eating lean fish that is low in fat and high in protein is definitely a smart food choice.

Our sushi selections are made fresh daily and feature popular choices such as sushi rolls and sashimi. What better way is there for a sushi lover to start out the new year than to visit Nakato for sushi that is so good that you’re taste buds will thank you profusely.

Grilling is Thrilling and Good for You Too

Nakato is also a restaurant where you can come to eat with family and friends and not feel a bit of guilt when filling up your plate. The main reason is that we serve hearty helpings of low fat grilled steak, chicken and seafood. If one of your resolutions is to lose weight and be in great shape by summer, you need to be choosy when eating out. We happen to be a wonderful restaurant choice for anyone who doesn’t want to give up great-tasting food when eating out.

Every item on our menu is designed for someone who appreciates healthy food cooked with savory methods. Our chefs grill each piece of fresh NY strip steak, chicken breast or slide-12-150x150seafood on a hot grill using cooking methods that seal in natural juices. That ensures that each bite is going to taste as good as the first. Plus, your dinner plate won’t be dripping in heavy fat and calories. Enjoy your meat or seafood with hot rice and grilled vegetables.

While you and your party await your food you can chat while watching your assigned chef prepare your meal at the table. Your friendly Nakato chef is skilled in the secrets of Japanese Tappan Yaki cooking, which means that you’ll be observing some mighty fancy grilling skills.

Need Resolution Motivation?

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy, but acting on them is often difficult, if not impossible, as the days go by. Sometimes it helps to get out of the house and grab a bite to eat with friends who are able to give you lots of motivation to push forward and accomplish your resolutions. Nakato Japanese Steakhouse with locations in Charlotte and Springfield offers the perfect casual dining environment for socializing while giving each other much needed advice and encouragement.

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As the Weather Gets Cooler Nakato’s Sushi Heats Up

Winter has arrived in this part of the world along with colder weather. While places like Springfield and Charlotte are not considered cold climates we still get our faircolleges.niche_.com_-150x150 share of below freezing temperatures , and it’s usually these colder temperatures that make you wanna pull the blankets over your head and stay in bed each morning. Not many people in Springfield or Charlotte look forward to stepping outdoors on certain days and feeling the freezing air hit their face. It’s just one of those things that you never really get used to during the winter months. But, there’s a flip side to feeling cold, and that’s getting warmed up.

Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Springfield and Charlotte is the place to head to when you want to temporarily escape the cold weather outside. Not only do we have a nice, cozy dining environment where you and your friends can relax and take the chill off for a while, we also have some of the best sushi in Springfield and the best sushi in Charlotte.

Sushi is one of those foods that you can enjoy year round without skipping a beat, because there is a lot of variety when it comes to sushi plates. Now, during the winter months when temperatures are cold, a great way to counter the chill is to come to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse and order up some spicy sushi. If you enjoy hot peppers and sauces, we’ve got several deliciously spicy selections at our sushi bar in Springfield.

On days when you want to beat the cold outside, come on in and try out some smoking hot sushi such as these favorites: Spicy California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Spider index-150x150Roll, Alaskan Roll, Crazy Joe Roll, Rainbow Roll, Nakato Tempura Roll, Special Roll and Dynamite Roll. In addition to these amazing sushi rolls, you may also enjoy warming up with appetizers such as our Spicy Mussels and Tuna Carpaccio.

All of our sushi bar selections are prepared fresh and with the utmost of care by our trained staff of sushi chefs. A good way to taste various pieces of spicy sushi is to order a tray with an assortment of sushi that includes hot sauce. You can also ask for hot sauce on the side to use as a dipping sauce, which gives you even more heat. Wash all of this great-tasting sushi down with sake, wine or beer from our drink menu.

After you’ve indulged in a plate or two of sushi, all of this goodness is sure to warm up your insides from your head down to your toes. The heat generated from eating Nakato sushi takes away the winter chill while making you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse today for fresh, delicious sushi.

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November is a Good Time for Sushi

Just because the weather has started to turn a little chilly it doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors for dinner every night. As a matter of fact, November is a great time to treat yourself to an evening california-roll-8-150x150of great dining at an establishment such as Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Charlotte or Springfield. We’re always here providing our customers with some of the finest food in the Midwest.

And, if you think our sushi is delicious during the warmer months, it’s just as good during the winter months. Rain, shine, snow, sleet or wind we’re always open, ready to greet you with a smile and plates of fresh sushi prepared for you by our master sushi chefs. Our chefs take great care to select only the best fish for our restaurant. You see we’re sticklers for quality and because we prepare sushi according to established Japanese standards, you’ll never have to worry about being served a plate of third-rate sushi. Adherence to quality is one of the reasons why Nakato sushi bar in Springfield  and sushi bar in Charlotte gets top ratings by customers.

In particular, our sushi bar in Charlotte sushi platters tend to get raves from food fans. Choose among favorites such as the assorted nigiri tray with California rolls, the chef’s sampler tray featuring three types of fish, the sashimi tray with five types of fish and the big Nakato sushi dinner tray with nigiri and California rolls, soup, salad and appetizer. Any of these selections are a great way to warm up the spirits on a cold November night.index-150x150

Being an election year and month, why not stop in after the results are in and discuss the election outcome with friends over sushi?

Win or lose, we’re happy to feed Democrats, Republicans and Independents ample amounts of fresh nigiri sushi, sashimi sushi and sushi rolls. You may wish to wash down this delectable sushi with sake, beer or wine, depending on your mood. After finishing your meal, feel free to cast your “vote” for our restaurant at your favorite online review site.

Hey, we know that turkey day is happening this month too. We’ve got nothing against a beautifully baked turkey. In fact, we hope that you enjoy sharing turkey and all the trimmings with your family during Thanksgiving. However, you’ve still gotta eat dinner all those other days before and after Thanksgiving. So, grab the family and head on over to Nakato for a big platter of the finest sushi in Springfield.

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