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For Good Food and Good Times, Stop by Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Have you ever had a hankering for a really good meal, but aren’t sure exactly what you want? Hibachi-01-150x150

That’s pretty common. Sometimes people drive around town looking at various restaurants, trying to figure out which one to stop at to enjoy a great meal. Most eating establishments make claims of having good food, because restaurants need customers to serve. But, everyone knows that claims are nothing unless they are backed up by quality. That’s why Nakato Japanese restaurant in Springfield and Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Charlotte works hard to maintain our reputation for making good food that you’ll want to keep eating again and again.

Is Japanese Food as Good as American Food?

People who have never eaten in a Japanese restaurant often wonder how Japanese style food compares to traditional American dishes. Well, in our viewpoint, good food is good no matter how it is prepared and presented. Nakato is a restaurant that specializes in hibachi dishes featuring common foods such as steak, chicken, seafood and rice. The style of cooking we do blends Japanese and American food culture and eating preferences together into one amazing culinary phenomenon.

If you enjoy eating New York strip steak, grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon and scallops, you’ll absolutely Nakato-Springfield-150x150love eating at Nakato, because our food is part of the American melting pot. Japanese steakhouses have been popular with American’s of all ages and backgrounds for 50 years and counting, so eating here gives you the opportunity to taste another type of American food with an ethnic twist.

What About Sushi?

Okay, we’ll admit it. Sushi is very much a traditional Japanese dish. Sushi is also a type of food that has quickly become a favorite among millions of good food loving Americans. In fact, you’ll find sushi bars in cities and towns across the country. The popularity of sushi is why Nakato has a sushi bar in Charlotte and a sushi bar in Springfield. It may seem a bit quirky or odd to eat raw fish, if you’ve never tried sushi, but many people have taken a leap of faith and ordered a sushi platter to try it out, and found that they love sushi.

You may, or may not enjoy the taste of sushi, but Nakato is a fun place to try one or two pieces. We make index-150x150all sorts of authentic sushi using different varieties of seafood, vegetables and sauces. You could come back to Nakato several times and still not taste every type of sushi we make. Sushi fans know that we make really great tasting sushi that qualifies as good American food.

Good Food Good Fun

You don’t have to take our word for it. Stop in and grab a table at Nakato and order from our hibachi or sushi menus. Our staff is friendly, our chefs delightful and the atmosphere is fun and always casual. Our sole desire is to serve customers good food from the moment we open until closing time.

Good food is a matter of opinion, and Nakato is a restaurant that earns its reputation for being a place where you’ll consistently get a really good meal. Come in, grab good seats and enjoy.

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