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For an Authentic Japanese Steakhouse in Springfield Come to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Authenticity matters to residents of Springfield. It also matters to the hard-working staff at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse. We are proudly located in the “Show Me” state and always take Hibachi-01-150x150this informal motto to heart in how we present our fine food to the local community.

What does authenticity mean to us?

Well, for one thing it means that we remain steadfast in our desire to bring our customers an authentic Japanese steakhouse in Springfield. Everything we do adheres to our high standards of quality food and presentation. Whether you visit Nakato today, tomorrow or sometime next month, you will always be treated to excellent meals served with our special kind of hibachi grill flair.

Our chefs spend countless hours perfecting their hibachi cooking and meal preparation skills. Such dedication to customer service is part and parcel of how we do things in our restaurant. We don’t want any of our customers leaving here feeling disappointed that they did not get the same quality experience other diners receive. We know that there are not many restaurants like us in Springfield. That is why we work so hard to offer our customers the best in customer service.

As for our steak dishes, well, let’s just say that we know we are in a state that has a long beef tradition. The people of Springfield know a good-tasting steak from a poor one. Each time a customer orders a New York Strip Steak, Hibachi Steak, Sukiyaki Steak or a Filet Mignon we know we must deliver only the very best in beef quality, flavor and tenderness. This is quite a high standard to achieve night after night, but we do it because we know our neighbors are counting on having the real deal. We prepare steak the way it’s meant to be – tender and packed with hearty beef flavor.

Authenticity in preparing American food with Japanese style techniques is extremely important to us. At Nakato, you get the perfect blending of favorite American and Japanese fooimg_homepage-2-150x150d combinations including our popular sushi bar. In our restaurant, we are carrying on a dining tradition that started decades ago. We love everything about the Japanese steakhouse experience and want to share this love with you.

So, even though a restaurant like Nakato Japanese Steakhouse is a bit different than some other places where you might dine on a nice piece of steak, chicken or seafood, we too represent a very comfortable, fun and authentic style of dining.

The bottom line is that you know true authenticity when you see it. We have been serving hibachi style meals to the good people of Springfield for quite a while now. We know that if we weren’t keeping the entire dining experience here authentic, we would have been kicked out of this town long ago. Happily, we continue to serve up delicious steak and other dishes every day thanks to our stubborn adherence to authenticity.

Come to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Springfield for a real Japanese Steakhouse meal served in a uniquely entertaining atmosphere.

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