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Vegetarian Options at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Eating out when you are a vegetarian can sometimes be a challenge, especially when vegetarians are invited to come along to eat at a Japanese steakhouse. The first thing that comes to mind is that a steakhouse is going to be big on meat. That’s certainly true. Most of the dishes are going to feature prime cuts of beef, chicken or bountiful seafood. Yet, it would be a shame to miss out on a fun and unique dining experience at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse due to certain food preferences.  img_homepage-2-150x150

Everyone, including people that eat vegetarian, have a great time while at the Japanese steakhouse Charlotte location. Nakato’s friendly staff is more than willing to accommodate people that prefer to eat only fresh or cooked vegetables. Contact Nakato Japanese Steakhouse ahead of your visit to see what kind of menu options are available that suit the vegetarian palate.

Rice is a staple item on the menu and can be cooked either plain or fried in vegetable oil. Many diners will order rice dishes and the chef prepares them right at the table. A typical vegetarian rice dish can be prepared individually along with a mixture of delicious vegetables. Instead of rice the chef can cook up a batch of soba noodles. Soba noodles are a big part of lots of savory Japanese meals. They go well with just about any type of vegetable, broth or sauce.

Tofu is a popular Asian food staple that can easily be substituted for meat. Ask the restaurant what kind of tofu dishes they can prepare for you.

Vegetarians can also request to have the chef grill a selection of fresh vegetables right on the grill. As you watch, the chef may include favorites such as cabbage, mushrooms, onions and soy beans (edamame). To maintain the integrity of your vegetarian meal, request that the chef prepare your meal before the meat dishes. He will be more than happy to accommodate this request.veggie-150x150

Another Teppanyaki favorite is tempura appetizers. Anything fried in a light tempura batter tastes crispy and delicious. Vegetarians can enjoy eating this wonderful treat by making a special request. Find out which vegetables are available and ask for a vegetable only tempura appetizer plate. You will find that vegetables fried in tempura batter rival their meat and seafood counterparts when it comes to flavor.

Vegetarians that yearn for sushi are not out of luck. A great Japanese steakhouse is more than willing to prepare vegetarian style sushi appetizers and rolls upon special request. There is usually a scrumptious vegetable roll on the menu. You can also find out if the restaurant is able to make selected sushi items without the seafood. Ask what kind of substitutes they recommend. This is a great way to indulge in sushi your way while discovering intriguing flavors.

Japanese steakhouses are a fun place to eat for people that are committed vegetarians. Enjoy savory foods made just the way you like while socializing with friends.

Visit one of our Nakato Japanese Steakhouse locations in Charlotte North Carolina or Springfield Missouri today to experience a unique dining adventure.

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