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Nakatos Japanese Steakhouse: Cooking With Style!

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Japanese cuisine is prized all around the world for the way it combines fresh seafood, meats, rice, noodles and vegetables to make dishes that look as good as they taste. Sometimes when east meets west the results can be pure magic. That is exactly what happened in 1945 with the opening of the first hibachi-style Japanese restaurant. In Japan, Japanese steakhouses or Hibachi grills are known as Teppan-Yaki. This form of cooking blends traditional Japanese and western foods while cooking them on a large flat grill.

Westerners in Japan flocked to these restaurants in droves. It was literally a culinary match made in heaven. Eventually, this hot food trend crossed the Pacific Ocean and made its way to American cities. The first Japanese steakhouses began popping up in the 1960s. Ever since that time, people that want an extraordinary dining experience have discovered they can easily find it at places like Nakato Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar located in Charlotte, North Carolina and Springfield, Missouri.

What makes the Japanese steakhouse an exciting fine dining experience?

Well, the first thing you will notice is that your dining table has a large grill in the center. Unlike most restaurants, your food is not prepared in a separate kitchen. Instead, the chef comes right to your table and prepares the meal in front of you and your fellow diners. The Japanese steakhouse chef is a highly skilled culinary entertpineville-locainer. You will be amazed at the things he can do with two large metal spatulas.

The cooking show often begins when the chef does some brief drumming on the grill. Listening to the metallic clanging has an amusing musical quality. Depending on what you have ordered, the chef will begin selecting various ingredients and placing them on the grill. This starts the official cooking process. Hibachi chefs are famous for their slight of hand tricks of the trade. To their credit, these cooking stars seem unfazed by the many eyes watching their every move. Most busy cooks would quickly crack under this intense scrutiny, but the talented chefs at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar simply relax and do their thing.

Order a dish that has eggs as a main ingredient and you will witness chefs do their amazing egg tossing maneuvers. Just like a juggler with a ball, the hibachi chef makes the egg spin. Next, he uses his handy spatula to flip the egg high into the air. It lands right back onto the spatula with gentle grace, without breaking. The egg is only broken when the chef is ready to crack the shell with precision. A chef may decide to make an impromptu drawing on the grill by drizzling the egg white. Turning rings of fresh onion into a sizzling volcano is another popular trick.

When not doing tricks the chefs display lots of fast skill in cutting, chopping and plating each meal. There are no mystery ingredients since you get to see everything that goes on your plate.

The wonderful chefs at Nakatos Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar love entertaining guests with mesmerizing cooking skills. All of the meals are prepared fresh to order with great style and a dash of fun.

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