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Why Make a Trip to the Hibachi Grill?

Have you ever heard of such a thing as hibachi fever?

It’s what happens to customers that come into one of our Japanese steakhouse locations in Charlotte, North Carolina or Springfield, Missouri Nakato-Springfield-150x150and encounter our unique atmosphere of fun and food. We have to warn you though, if you are planning on visiting our Japanese style restaurant for the very first time be prepared to experience fever symptoms.

What are they?


If your stomach is growling because you haven’t eaten for a while, Nakato Japanese Steakhouse is the perfect place to go to resolve this common problem. Our menu features great-tasting steak, seafood and chicken dishes that are light, yet hearty enough to provide you with plenty of fuel for hours to come.


Customers have been known to get a case of the giggles while watching our famous hibachi grill chefs perform their culinary tricks. This is one of the unique things about being at a Japanese steakhouse. It is impossible to sit here and be grumpy. Our talented chefs consider it part of their job to entertain you and put a big smile on your face.


Happiness is a Nakato customer that is eating, drinking and thoroughly enjoying their time with us.Hibachi-01-150x150

Okay, there is no such thing as hibachi fever. We’re just joshing with you. However, the things listed above are all great reasons why you should come and eat at a hibachi grill restaurant. The hospitality is second to none. You will be treated with respect and courtesy during your visit. We are a family-friendly place that loves small and large groups. So, be sure to come along with your family or friends to experience Nakato together.

Healthier Eating

Food prepared the hibachi grill way is a lot healthier than other styles of cooking. Grilling fresh meats and vegetables maintains full flavor while avoiding heavy sauces and coatings. We never mess up a great piece of steak or chicken by smothering it in mounds of sauce. Nakato Japanese Steakhouse allows you to enjoy the flavors of the meat the way nature intended. People have been grilling food for thousands of years, and we are continuing this time-honored tradition of natural meal preparation.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Leave the suit, tie and fancy clothes at home. Our hibachi grill restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere. Dress casually if you like. We are not concerned with being stuffy and formal. All we care about is that you enjoy your meal and have a great time.

This is not the place to be if you seek a quiet dining atmosphere. Our customers are chatting and laughing up a storm. People come to Nakato to relax and release from the normal stresses of the day. We’re a fun place to escape to for a bit and simply hang out.

Wholesome Entertainment

There is no other place like the hibachi grill restaurant when it comes to meal preparation. Our skilled chefs are also expert grill masters. They pull out all the stops to entertain customers while making a meal right before your eyes. Watch them closely and see them do amazing knife work while grilling meats, seafood and vegetables. This is wholesome entertainment that is part of the Japanese steakhouse experience.

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