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Sushi vs. the Hamburger: You Decide

Let’s face it. When it comes to eating out in Springfield or Charlotte, you’ve got lots of choices in the area of fast food. For decades, the American hamburger has reigned supreme as index-150x150the ideal meal item to eat when you don’t feel like cooking, and you want something that fills you up and satisfies your taste buds. Okay, we’ll admit that a fast food burger does all those things. But, is it the only decent fast food choice in town?

Not by a mile.

Before you head out for yet another hamburger with or without a side of fries, stop and consider a completely different type of fast food. Yes, we’re talking about sushi. This popular Japanese culinary delicacy is all the rage at our Springfield sushi bar and our sushi bar in Charlotte. But, is sushi a worthy alternative to beef stuck between two buns?

We think so.

Saddle Up for a Hearty Meal

There’s a misconception about sushi that it is too dainty to be filling. Well, we want you to know that our sushi rolls are a good size, because we have generous portions. Order a few of our popular rolls and you’ll quickly find that they are fresh, tasty and quite filling. We’re pretty sure you won’t miss that hamburger at all. For Springfield locals with big appetites we suggest going with our heartier selections such as California Roll with crab and avocado; Hope Roll with fried shrimp, crab and cream cheese; Philadelphia Roll with smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese or the Spider Roll with fried crab, cucumber and cream cheese. Or, choose one of our specialty rolls packed with intriguing seafood, vegetable and sauce combinations.

More Flavors Mingling Inside Your Mouth


Most of the time when you order a hamburger the predominant flavor you taste is beef. There may be some lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese or other extras on top to enhance the sandwich. In our view, the majority of hamburgers pretty much have the same flavor profile. It’s fine, but not very interesting. Compare the ordinary burger to the intricate flavors contained in the average sushi roll at or Springfield or Charlotte sushi bar. Many sushi rolls feature seafood combined with fresh vegetables and

either a savory, sweet or spicy sauce. Your taste buds are never going to be bored.

Sushi rolls are just part of our sushi offerings. Nakato sushi bar in Springfield or Charlotte also have nigiri and sashimi style sushi, which means you can sample a wide range of seafood flavors not found in your average burger joint. In addition to the popular tuna, shrimp, salmon and crab varieties, you can also try eel, squid, octopus, whitefish, yellowtail and sea urchin. In order to get the full flavor benefit from sushi, we recommend that you lightly use dipping sauces.

Eat Sushi and Stay Alert and Active

Have you ever felt a little sluggish after eating a hamburger? Well, when you eat pieces of sushi at our sushi bar in Charlotte, you’ll be satisfied without experiencing that sluggish feeling. That’s because sushi is considered a light and healthy meal choice.

Hopefully, we’ve helped to persuade you to skip the hamburger today and come to Nakato’s in Springfield or  Nakato’s in Charlotte for some mouthwatering authentic sushi.

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