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Sushi is Perfect Any Time

It’s another beautiful summer day and you’re kicking around some ideas about where to go for lunch or dinner. As you go over your list of favorite foods to eat and the restaurants to index-150x150eat it in, don’t forget to include Nakato Japanese Steakhouse with locations in Charlotte and Springfield, Mo.

Why Nakato?

Perhaps you’re hankering for some fresh sushi that is painstakingly created in the traditional Japanese way. Well, if you come in to our Sushi bar in Springfield or our Sushi bar in Charlotte, you’ll quickly see why we have earned a reputation as being among the best in the area. Sushi is not just a food to us – it’s an art form as well. Our sushi chefs have spent many years perfecting their craft and you and your friends are the beneficiaries. Each order of sushi is expertly assembled according to traditional standards that have been passed down through generations of sushi makers.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week you come to Nakato for sushi. It can be a bright sunny day. It can be a cloudy rainy day. It can be a day when you are busy and need a break. Or, it can be a day when you are causally hanging out with friends. In our view, any time is a great time to enjoy our delicious Sushi Rolls, Nigiri Sushi or Sashimi. If you’ve never bcalifornia-roll-8-150x150een to Nakato before, now is as good a time as any to come for a visit. If you’ve eaten here before, but haven’t been in a while, we are still here, serving the best sushi in Charlotte and  Springfield.

Browse our online sushi menu and right away you’ll see that we have a fun and intriguing selection that will suit the tastes of any local sushi lover. Many of our guests come in and order several sushi rolls with fun names like Crazy Joe Roll (we’re not telling how this roll got its name), the beautiful Cathy Roll, the explosive Dynamite Roll, the amazing Eel Twister Roll, the cool California Rainbow Roll and the creepy crawly Spider Roll (no spiders inside, just crab).

In the mood for Nigiri?

No one does nigiri better than Nakato. Our nigiri sushi pieces are simple, yet elegant. They feature fresh seafood ingredients such as crab, clam, shrimp, eel, mackerel, salmon, squid, octopus, smelt roe, whitefish, tuna and yellowtail. Each sumptuous bite reminds you of the beautiful seaside and all of the sea’s magnificent inhabitants. Come in any time foslide-8-150x150r a plate of nigiri.

Maybe fried sushi is more to your liking. In that case, we have a selection of temptingly delicious rolls that are lightly fried in thin tempura batter. For example, you might like our popular Jenni Roll with fried shrimp, crab and masago. Our tasty Nakato Tempura Roll is packed with flavorful crab, yellowtail, asparagus and scallions. If you like sweet and spicy flavors mingled together, go for the Ramil Roll with fried shrimp, spicy crab and masago married with a sweet spicy sauce.

When you are in the mood for Sushi in Charlotte or Sushi in Springfield, come in and relax at Nakato anytime the mood strikes you. Choose among our many sushi meal combinations. Or, enjoy a Sushi Dinner that includes appetizer, sushi rolls, nigiri, onion soup and a salad.

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