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Gekkeikan (served hot or cold) Crisp and silky with a sweet finish. Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo 300ml This special reserve connoisseur class of sake is silky-smooth, with rich texture and a fruity flavor.
Tozai “Living Jewel” Junmai 300ml Flavors and aromas of white grape, anise and a hint of sweet rice. Ty Ku Coconut 300ml Fresh and slightly sweet with coconut notes and a silky palate.
Hakutsuru “Sayuri” Nigori 300ml Light nose filled with cream, cherry blossom and white grape elements. Rihaku “Dreamy Clouds” Nigori 300ml Bright, mouthwatering acidity with gentle nutty and fruity flavors.
Hakutsuru “Sho Une” Junmai Daiginjo Refreshing aromas, natural sweetness and smooth aftertaste.  

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