Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar


49’er : 8pcs California roll topped w/ smoked salmon, spicy aioli, & scallion Alaskan : 8pcs Snow crab, avocado, spicy aioli, and sesame seeds
Asparagus Tempura w/ sesame seeds : 8pcs Avocado w/ sesame seeds : 8pcs
“Big Roll”- Futomaki : 4pcs Crab stick, cucumber, omelet, smelt roe, ginger, sweet squash Bobcat : 8pcs Crab stick and cucumber topped w/ boiled shrimp, avocado, fried crispies, & sweet chili sauce
California : 8pcs Crab stick, avocado, w/ smelt roe & sesame seeds Carolina : 8pcs Crab stick, asparagus, spicy aioli w/ smelt roe
Caterpillar : 8pcs Eel roll topped w/ sliced avocado, smelt roe & eel sauce Crispy Rice Tuna : 6pcs Crispy rice blocks topped w/ spicy tuna, avocado, serrano pepper & eel sauce
Crunchy : 8pcs Shrimp tempura w/ smelt roe Cucumber : 6pcs Cucumber & sesame seeds
Double Spicy : 8pcs Spicy tuna, cream cheese, lightly battered and fried, topped w/ spicy aioli, sriracha & scallion Dragon : 8pcs Shrimp tempura roll topped w/ eel, avocado, eel sauce & sesame seeds
Eel & Cucumber : 8pcs Fantasy : 6pcs Crab stick, smelt roe & spicy aioli wrapped in soy bean paper
Hornets : 8pcs Escolar “Pearl Tuna”, avocado, lightly battered & fried, topped w/sweet chili sauce, sriracha, crab salad & scallion Hot Lava : 8pcsCalifornia roll topped w/torched scallops, spicy aioli, eel sauce & wasabi flying fish roe)
Hot Twister : 8pcs Crab, salmon, avocado, lightly battered and fried, topped w/ sweet chili sauce Nakato : 8pcs Shrimp tempura, crab stick & avocado w/ sesame seeds
Negi Toro : 6pcs Fatty tuna w/ scallion Pacific Fried : 6pcs Crab stick, avocado, yellowtail & cream cheese lightly battered, fried & spicy aioli
Panther : 8pcsSpicy tuna, cream cheese, topped w/ torched yellowtail, eel sauce & fried crispies Philadelphia : 8pcs Smoked salmon, avocado & cream cheese w/ sesame seeds
Rainbow : 8pcs California roll topped w/ seven various slices of fish Ricky’s : 8pcs Crab salad, cucumber, topped w/ wasabi roe, tempura flakes & sesame seeds
Rock-N-Roll : 8pcs Shrimp tempura roll topped w/ spicy tuna & assorted smelt roe Salmon Skin : 8pcs Fried salmon skin, cucumber, yamagobo-pickled burdock & radish sprouts
Salmon Tempura : 8pcs Salmon tempura, cucumber & sesame seeds Spicy Scallop : 8pcs Scallop mix, spicy aioli, smelt roe, cucumber, topped w/ sriracha & scallion
Spicy Snow : 8pcs Salmon, cucumber, and jalapeno, topped w/ escolar, spicy aioli & scallion Spicy Tuna : 8pcs Tuna, radish sprouts & spicy aioli w/ smelt roe
Spider : 8pcs Fried soft-shell crab, lettuce & spicy aioli w/ smelt roe Spiderman : 6pcs Fried soft-shell crab, cucumber & spicy aioli, topped w/ tuna and crab salad)
Spiderwoman : 8pcs Fried soft-shell crab, cucumber, topped w/ salmon, avocado, Japanese mayo & smelt roe Superman : 8pcs Snow crab & cucumber topped w/ tuna, avocado, fried crispies & sweet chili sauce
Tuna roll: 6pcs Vegetable : 5pcs Cucumber, lettuce, asparagus, avocado & carrot w/ sesame seeds
Volcano : 8pcs California roll lightly battered and fried, topped w/ eel sauce & spicy aioli Yellowtail w/ scallion : 6pcs
Yoshi : 8pcs Fried crispies and spicy mayo topped w/ boiled shrimp & assorted smelt roe  

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