Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

October is the Perfect Time to Stop by Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

It’s October and everyone in Charlotte is comfortably settling into the fall routine. When it comes time to deciding where to have a great lunch or dinner meal, Nakato Japanese 43267-150x150Restaurant should definitely be high on your list of must go places for sushi bars in Charlotte. Nakato has a spacious setting with a casual, cozy atmosphere. Many people come to Nakato to celebrate birthdays, or other special occasions. So, if you, or someone you know, are looking for a fun, relaxing place to enjoy a celebratory birthday meal, Nakato’s sushi Charlotte restaurant is the perfect place to share food, drinks and conversation among friends. By the way, please let us know there’s a birthday guest of honor when you come in. We’ll provide a delicious birthday cake for the lucky person, sing a birthday song and even snap a nice photo of the gang.

Nakato is also a happy place to eat when you just feel like having some good old-fashioned grilled steak, chicken or seafood done with Japanese flair. In keeping with our excellent local reputation as a top Japanese steakhouse in Charlotte, Nakato chefs know how to serve up traditional hibachi food in style. You may especially like that our menu is simple to read, and includes a range of utterly awesome food choices to suit everyone’s individual tastes. Our Japanese American menu offers favorites such as grilled New York strip steak, grilled chicken, grilled shrimp, scallops and salmon. And, if you’re hankering for a plate of savory fried rice, you’ll be happy as a clam with the large portion of fried rice at Nakato.

While cities like Charlotte are famous for traditional southern food dishes, you can come to Nakato for food that is a bit different, but still favored by many in this region. One thing that we’ve noticed over the years is that the desire for good sushi Charlotte NC has grown tremendously. Many local residents and newcomers to the area are always looking for tNakato-Springfield-150x150he best sushi bar in Charlotte. Well, we are happy to say that a lot of people have chosen Nakato as their favorite sushi restaurant in Charlotte, which we are forever grateful.

Sushi is one of those things that make Nakato stand out from the ordinary. Our Japanese restaurant features a top-rate sushi menu. Everyday our sushi chefs prepare and serve customers an excellent selection of beautiful sushi creations that melt in your mouth. And, in keeping with tradition, you may eat your sushi with chopsticks or fingers. Oh, and feel free to ask about our sushi dipping sauces, if you’re not familiar with the choices.

Can You Bring the Kids?

Yes, absolutely!

Nakato is very family friendly, and that includes offering special items for children. Kids love coming here and enjoying a unique dining experience. Nakato is also a great place for kids to learn a little bit about Japanese food and culture. Our children’s menu is designed for kids under age 12. Kids can order smaller portions of Teriyaki Chicken, Hibachi Steak, Hibachi Shrimp or Filet Mignon. Kids also enjoy the culinary show the chefs give while preparing meals.

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