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Nakato Japanese Steakhouse Invites You to Try Our Sushi

Are you visiting the local area and wondering where you can go to satisfy that urge for some good sushi?

Nakato Japanese restaurant has a sushi bar in Charlotte and sushi bar in Springfield, and we invite you sushi004-150x150to come to either location to satisfy that sushi urge. Nakato prepares sushi in the traditional Japanese style, which means our sushi dishes are always fresh and immaculately presented. Of course, we could be saying that just to get you to come into our doors. You never really know what the sushi is going to be like until you actually sit down and begin tasting it. Still, we wouldn’t be able to make claims of being a restaurant that serves up high-quality sushi dishes on a continuing basis, if we couldn’t back it up with actual customer experiences.

In today’s world of “instant food critiques” a restaurant such as Nakato has got to “put up or shut up” when it comes to sushi. Many years ago, when sushi dishes were relatively new to this country, restaurants could get away with offering any old sushi, and customers wouldn’t know what they were missing. At some point, sushi exploded in popularity and restaurants like ours began serving top-rate sushi, prepared to order. Well, let’s just say that it’s not easy for all those other restaurants to get away with serving mediocre sushi to customers.

Sushi lovers in Charlotte and sushi lovers in Springfield get around and enjoy trying out different sushi bars. You also love comparing sushi bars and Springfield-02-150x150letting everyone know how each place rates on your scale of one to 10. Fortunately, Nakato sushi tends to score highly on many of our customer’s lists. That’s no accident. We are very proud of our sushi menu and our sushi chefs constantly strive to give you the best sushi you’ve ever had.
We welcome you to visit Nakato and see for yourself just how robust our sushi menu is, and browse all of the fun and traditional sushi selections we offer sushi lovers. Depending on the location you choose, you may get a slightly different sushi menu, but rest assured, all Nakato sushi dishes conform to our high standards. You don’t have to wait to see our menu, you can check it out at our website. Be careful, though, you might start drooling when you discover all of the delicious fish, veggies and sauces that go into each type of sushi roll.

Not only does Nakato have some of the best tasting and beautifully prepared sushi in town, our restaurant is also a pretty fun place to relax and enjoy a meal. As a popular casual dining destination, we welcome individuals, twosomes, small and large groups to eat here. It’s best to come to Nakato on an empty stomach so you have room to nosh away at our generous portions of sushi. Once you try Nakato sushi, you’ll want to come back again and again.

Got a hankering for sushi? Check out our sushi menu, and then come in for a delightfully fresh sushi lunch or dinner.

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