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For the Best Sushi in Town Stop by Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Hey, are you a sushi person who enjoys trying out different sushi places to see which ones are your absolute favorites?
If so, be sure to add Nakato Japanese Steakhouse to your list of “must try” sushi places. In addition to Springfield-02-150x150providing our customers with great hibachi style Japanese steakhouse meals, Nakato also has a sushi bar in Charlotte and sushi bar in Springfield. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between locations, because all of our restaurants feature a sushi bar.
Now that you know that you can come here for sushi whenever we’re open, you’re probably wondering if the trip is going to be worth the effort. Well, that depends on what you expect from your sushi meal provider. As you probably know, not all sushi bars are alike. We like to think that we’re at the top of almost everyone’s list when it comes to sushi – but, we’re biased, of course.
Check Out Our Ratings and Reviews
These days no restaurant can remain in business without providing customers with quality food and customer service. One of the ways you can determine if Nakato sushi is worth your while is to read our online reviews. Nakato Japanese Steakhouse is a popular eating establishment in Charlotte and Springfield, and plenty of our customers have written reviews regarding the sushi we serve.
Many customers give us glowing reviews for the quality of our sushi, and this makes us feel proud to continue providing sushi lovers who enjoy our top quality sushi selections at affordable prices. Sushi customers tend to be picky, and if a restaurant doesn’t meet expectations, well, they will soon read about it at online review sites. Our sushi chefs do an excellent job in sushi preparation and presentation and index-150x150we’re happy to give them all the credit for our high ratings.
It All Starts with Fish
Fish is at the heart and soul of every sushi roll we make, and we take great care in selecting only the finest fish for our restaurants. Fish selection isn’t a glamorous task in the restaurant industry, and most customers never consider where the fish originates from when enjoying their sushi rolls. But fish selection and handling is crucial to the end product that gets served to you, the customer. Nakato staff maintain quality standards every step of the way when dealing with raw fish.
We won’t settle for fish that has sat around for too long. Our fish must be extremely fresh and the fish meat must be of fine consistency. Our sushi chefs rely on us to bring them the best fish to work their magic on. Each bite of Nakato sushi is guaranteed to be fresh and succulent.
No matter what type of sushi you order at Nakato it is sure to be presented to you in traditional Japanese style. The presentation of our sushi is just as important as the preparation, and our sushi chefs are truly food artists in this area.
Come to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse for your next sushi meal and find out what great-tasting sushi is all about.

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