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Fine Dining in Springfield Missouri & Charlotte North Carolina: A Culinary Adventure

Nakato Japanese Steakhouse has been a family owned restaurant for over 30 years. We opened our first of two restaurants in Charlotte North Carolina in 1976 and then later in 1995 we were pleased to open our restaurant in Springfield Missouri and we have been a part of the fine dining landscape in both cites ever since. In the first of a two part series we invite you through the doors of our Springfield location for a unique dining experience.

Fine Dining in Springfield Missouri


Fine dining in Springfield is like going on a wonderful adventure. The city is proud to offer lots of diversity when it comes to dining establishments. Whatever food you’re in the mood to eat there is a restaurant or shop to suit your cravings. That’s why Springfield is the perfect place for an authentic Japanese steakhouse. When you think of fine dining a thick, juicy steak or a fresh Sushi bar are certainly among the most popular menu choices for hungry locals.

For anyone that hasn’t been to a Japanese steakhouse before they are certainly in for a real treat. This is a type of restaurant that blends together Japanese and Western traditions. The result is a culinary delight for diners that want to enjoy a unique cultural experience. As soon as you step through the door, you are instantly aware that this restaurant is a fun and friendly place to eat. There’s no need to worry about stuffy waiters or pretentious food. Everyone is welcome to relax and be comfortable in this casual environment.

The first thing you’ll notice on this culinary adventure is that the tables are different than other eating establishments. Dining tables are communal and you’ll be seated next to your dining companions around a hibachi grill. If you’re in the mood for steak, chicken or seafood then you’ve come to the right place. The steakhouse menu features the freshest mNakato-hibachi-150x150eat and seafood available.

What about that grill?

The hibachi grill is one of the highlights of eating out at our Springfield, Missouri Japanese restaurant. Instead of hiding away in a back kitchen, your chef actually comes to you. He will then take out the tools of his trade and begin demonstrating his prowess at preparing delicious menu items that you’ve ordered. The chef’s performance is truly a unique fine dining experience that you won’t forget any time soon. Locals and tourists alike find themselves wanting to return again just to watch a chef go through his entertaining moves.

Of course, this Springfield dining adventure wouldn’t be much good if the food didn’t live up to expectations. Fortunately, our steakhouse food is very good. Chefs have the best ingredients to work with as they create your dinner meal. It’s a great thing to be able to see food chopped and cooked right before your very eyes. The savory Springfield-02-150x150aroma is enough to make your mouth water!

Japanese influence is felt on the other side of the culinary coin. Enjoy a wide range of elegantly prepared selections from the sushi bar. The steakhouse includes all forms of popular sushi that is also deliciously fresh. Some diners come for the sushi while others come for the steak, chicken or shrimp entrees. The great thing about eating at this type of place is that you can have it all. Whatever you order from the menu you can be assured that food cravings for either American or Japanese food is going to be thoroughly satisfied.

So whether you are looking for a fine dining adventure or meeting your co workers after a long day, Nakato Japanese Restaurant in Springfield Missouri is waiting for you.

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