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Excellent Customer Service is the Goal at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

What makes people travel from near and far to visit a Japanese steakhouse restaurant?Nakato-Springfield-150x150
The number one reason is people come to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse for our excellent food.
The second reason people visit us our Japanese Restaurant in Charlotte and Japanese Restaurant in Springfield is because we take good care of our customers while they dine at one of our locations. There’s no doubt about it. Customer service is key to our restaurant’s enduring popularity, and we intend to continue offering up smiles and great food for as long as we’re a part of these wonderful communities.
Why Does a Sushi Bar Need Customer Service?
Sushi bars are not usually recognized for customer service. Most people coming to our sushi bar in Charlotte, and sushi bar in Springfield, care far more about the quality of the sushi dishes offered at our restaurant. And, that’s perfectly okay, because that’s what sushi lovers admire the most. However, behind the scenes there is actually a whole lot of customer service going on. In fact, every step of the sushi making process involves good customer service practices.
You see we happen to believe that running a sushi bar does require paying attention to customer needs. When it comes to Nakato sushi customer care begins at the fish market. It may not be glamorous, and customers don’t see this part of the process, but we certainly have high standards for the fish we use in our sushi dishes. Selecting the right fish for sushi is a skill that requires paying attention to detail, and understanding the nuances for each type of fish.
Don’t worry. We’re not going to bore you with the nitty gritty details about how we choose fish, but we index-150x150just want you to know that we’re always thinking about our customers during the selection process. We have no problem overlooking dozens of good fish in order to find the best fish for Nakato Restaurant.
When fresh fish arrives at our restaurant kitchens our sushi chefs handle it with tender loving care. Sushi fish pieces are delicately sliced and arranged on plates in the traditional Japanese style. Nakato sushi chefs put a lot of effort into presentation, and our customers appreciate this as much as the taste of their sushi.
Happiness is a Full Stomach
Another way we keep you happy as a customer is to give you ample servings of food. You know how some moms and grandmas make sure the people they care about eat to their heart’s content?
Well, we also believe in giving you generous portions of food so that you leave here feeling satisfied and content. You’ll always get plenty of your favorite food here and the warm, casual atmosphere makes you feel right at home.
Let Us Entertain You
Having one of those days?
Come to Nakato and shake off those bad vibes. Our chefs and wait staff is ready to bend over backwards to make sure you enjoy everything about your dining experience.
Come to Nakato for lunch or dinner and we’ll take great care of you.

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