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Creating the Perfect Sushi at Nakato’s Japanese Restaurant

Have you ever wondered how the perfect piece of sushi is made?

Truthfully, there isn’t a high quality Japanese restaurant in the world that hasn’t put much time and effort into creating perfect bites of sushi for customers. Of coursushi004-150x150se, perfection is in the eye of the sushi eater, so any attempts at making the best sushi in the world are always subject to personal opinion.

Here at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse with our sushi bar in Charlotte and our sushi bar in Springfield, you can bet that we too are always on a quest to create perfect sushi for our guests. You may not think of Springfield as much of a sushi city, but in fact, there are plenty of sushi lovers in this area who are very discriminating about their sushi. These sushi connoisseurs know that any Japanese restaurant that stakes its reputation on its sushi bar better deliver on quality, or suffer the consequences.

This time-honored desire to make the very best sushi is deeply embedded into the heart of each Nakato sushi chef. Our chefs are well aware that Nakato is not the only sushi bar out there. Therefore, in order to earn a reputation as being one of the best sushi bars in town, we’ve got to deliver great quality every single day. That’s no small feat. However, our Nakato sushi chefs understand that they must perform to a higher standard than everyone else in order to impress our loyal sushi fans.

Making sushi in Charlotte or sushi in Springfield is an art, not just a culinary task done for fun. A real sushi chef takes great pride in his work and goes to great lengths to ensure that each piece that lands on a plate is worthy of its place. Nakato sushi chefs are definitely among this class of experts. They understand that when you come into our reindex-150x150staurant and go to the sushi bar you’re expecting a plateful of delicately arranged fresh fish married with rice, and a variety of intriguing flavors. Thanks to the dedication of our expert sushi chefs that’s exactly what we deliver.

The pursuit of sushi perfection is a part of our culinary DNA. We know that the competition for local sushi lovers is stiff, and we want you to come back and enjoy our sushi often. So far, we are fortunate to be among the most popular sushi bars in the area. However, we want you to know that we’ll never take this earned status for granted. The competition for best honors, and the constant expectations of our customers is enough to keep our sushi chefs at peak performance levels in the kitchen.

Maybe there should be a Top Chef competition in the sushi category. If there were such a show, we know that our chefs would do quite well. The good news is that when you are in Springfield or Charlotte, you can visit Nakato anytime to enjoy our amazing selection of fresh sushi. We prepare it just the way you love it – perfect.

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