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Chef’s Featured Rolls

Chef’s Featured Rolls
Hot Lava Roll Cail roll topped w/ baked scallops, spicy aioli, eel sauce & flying fish roe Dojo Roll Spicy tuna & smoked salmon skin roll; topped w/ torched yellowtail, tuna, salmon, smoked salmon, eel sauce & flying fish roe
Charger Roll Fried calamari roll topped w/ boiled shrimp, avocado, & eel sauce Spicy Snow Roll Salmon, cucumber, & jalapeno; topped w/ escolar, hot sauce & spicy aioli
Hope Roll Crab, shrimp tempura, cream cheese roll w/ soy paper; topped with fried crispies, eel sauce, & spicy aioli Spiderman Roll Fried softshell crab, cucumber, crab stick, & spicy aioli; topped with Tuna and crab salad and eel sauce
Sunfire Roll Shrimp tempura roll topped w/ spicy tuna and aioli Tango Roll Crab stick tempura, cucumber, mango; topped w/ boiled shrimp, wasabi, diced mango; w/ spicy aioli and wasabi mayo
Volcano Roll Cali roll battered & fried; topped w/ baked crab salad, aioli and eel sauce Yellowtail Jalapeño Cali roll topped w/Yellowtail, jalapeños & citrus dressing

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