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Why Our Customers Love Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Everybody’s got a favorite local restaurant that they just love talking about and coming back to eat at again and again. Like many restaurants that have been around for a while, Nakato Japanese Steakhouse Nakato-Springfield-150x150has a strong reputation among diners for being a top favorite place to eat.
Because we care about the quality of food we serve our customers, and we also care about your overall dining experience. Okay, we know that’s kind of vague and doesn’t really explain the specifics of why our customers keep returning here – some for years. So, we’re going to offer you three solid reasons why we are loved by our customers.
Fantastic Sushi
Many of our customers who eat sushi on a regular basis give Nakato high ratings for our sushi menu. Sushi is something our staff here takes very seriously, because we believe in serving sushi that meets our high standards for excellence. Hey, we’re not a fancy restaurant by any stretch of the imagination, but that doesn’t stop us from serving four star quality sushi platters.
Nakato has a sushi bar in Charlotte and sushi bar in Springfield, and both are popular with sushi lovers of all kinds. Making the best sushi around begins by selecting the freshest fish and ingredients for our fabulous sushi selections. Secondly, our sushi chefs are highly trained food artisans who understand how to prepare sushi correctly. When you bite into a piece of Nakato sushi you’ll immediately know that index-150x150you’re getting a treat.
Affordable Meal
Going out to eat these days can set you back quite a bit of money unless you plan carefully. Customers love coming to Nakato, because they know they’re going to get generous portions at an affordable price. We’re not some fancy place that thinks a meal consists of small portions strategically placed on your plate, and decorated with a dash of sauce made from ingredients you’ve never heard of. Nope. We’re proud of the fact that our grilled steak, chicken and seafood plates are filled with scrumptious foods that you recognize.
Since we often mix meat and vegetables with rice or noodles, your plate is going to be a wonderful combination of flavors and textures. Is it a bit messy? Maybe, but you won’t care. Trust us. Simple food cooked well is our specialty, and you can get plenty of it whenever you stop by.
Casual Dining Fun
At Nakato Japanese Restaurant in Charlotte and Japanese Restaurant in Springfield, you can kick back and relax at your table while you watch your assigned chef prepare your meal at the grill. Come here when you’re in the mood for being sociable, because our large tables seat lots of people from all walks of life.

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September is a Good Time to Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

September is a busy time here at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse. Now that summertime is coming to a close, there are still plenty of reasons to eat at your favorite Japanese restaurant in Charlotte, or crowd_large-150x150Japanese restaurant in Springfield.
Something Different
Nakato is where you go when you’re bored with all of the other dining out choices and what to spice things up a little. A Japanese steakhouse restaurant with our reputation for good food and good times is just the place to go to change things up. Nakato offers two types of dining under the same roof.
Tappan Yaki
If you’re a big fan of grilled food, you won’t want to miss our popular grilled dishes featuring the best cuts of NY strip steak and chicken. We also grill seafood selections such as shrimp and salmon. Our grilling method ensures that each dish we prepare for you is packed with flavor, but without all of that unwanted grease and fat you get with other types of meals.
All guest meals are prepared on large, flat grills that provide even temperatures for cooking foods quickly so that juices and flavors remain. When you are seated your dining party is assigned a chef and a grill. The chef prepares your entire meal at the grill as you look on. Tappan Yaki cooking is fun to watch and img_homepage-2-150x150our chefs often show off a few cooking tricks. If you like watching TV show cooks do their thing – chopping food quickly – and cooking with flourish, you’ve definitely got to stop in here and watch our chefs cook.
Sushi Bar
Nakato sushi bar in Charlotte or sushi bar in Springfield is also a place where you can find a delicious array of fresh sushi, served Japanese style. Many people come here just to nosh on sushi rolls and don’t bother with the meals. Of course, you can choose to order a sushi platter along with any of our fine grilled meals, and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.
Study Break
Are you a local college student? Great! Take a break from reading text books and writing papers and joining your friends at Nakato. Our restaurant is always filled with all kinds of people, lots of chatter and laughter. You can come here with your friends, relax and hang out while chowing down on one of our meal specials. In our casual, down-to-earth atmosphere you can enjoy an affordable meal and leave full, because our portions are generous.
Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse and check out our September specials.

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The Top Fish to Use When Preparing Sushi

Sushi is a favorite mealtime food for many Americans and if you’re in the mood for some of the best Springfield-02-150x150sushi in town, be sure to visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse sushi bar in Charlotte and Sushi bar in Springfield. Our reputation for creating really fresh, healthy and savory sushi is well known in these cities.

A major reason why Nakato is famed for its sushi is that we only select the finest fish from fish markets. Great sushi is all about selecting the right type of fish for each type of sushi roll or nigiri plate. Not only do we take great care in selecting the freshest fish we can find, we choose fish according to size and flavor as well.

If you are a true lover of sushi, you’ve had good and bad sushi and understand that different types of fish have unique flavors. Since you trust us to select the fish that goes into the sushi you order at our fine eating establishment, we thought that we’d share a little bit about the fish we use.

The Big Tuna

Tuna one of the most popular fish used in sushi dishes. Sushi chefs typically use three types of tuna: index-150x150bluefin, big-eye and yellowfin. You often see these names on the menu, but probably aren’t too familiar with what sets each tuna apart from the other.

Bluefin Tuna – Here’s a tuna that is truly the biggest and boldest of the bunch. Bluefin tuna often weigh up to 1,500 pounds and grow up to 10 feet long. Sushi chefs can use three types of cuts from this big fish. Akami cut is red fish meat that has a sublime texture and taste similar to filet mignon. Chu-toro cut is marbled with fat, which gives it a buttery rich taste. O-toro cut is pale pink and melts in your mouth.

Big-eye Tuna – This tuna has firm texture and mild flavor.

Yellowfin Tuna – A deep pink-reddish colored mild flavored tuna also known as ahi in Hawaii. Its firm texture makes it ideal for sushi rolls.

Other Top Fish

Japanese Yellowtail – This is a popular fish that has a rich, buttery flavor and somewhat oily texture. slide-4-150x150Yellowtail flavor is bold, and has a bit of a tangy aftertaste.

Red Snapper – Despite its name, this fish has white flesh meat. Red snapper has a mild, delicate flavor and a dash of texture.

Salmon – Salmon meat has a beautiful peach color and a distinctive rich flavor. One bite and you’ll understand why bears love it.

Tasty Seafood Variations

Crab, shrimp and eel are other types of seafood commonly found in sushi dishes. Feel free to ask us any questions you have about the fish we serve. High quality fresh sushi never has a strong fish smell, and that’s the type of sushi you get when you come to Nakato.

Visit Nakato sushi bar in Charlotte or sushi bar in Springfield today for delicious, mouthwatering sushi that is always served fresh with dipping sauces.

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Nakato Japanese Steakhouse Will Be Cooking All August Long

Those long hot summer August days are here once again and now you’ve got to think about what you sushi004-150x150want to cook for dinner. As dinnertime comes nearer, you keep wishing that you didn’t have to cook, especially on weekends. Let’s face it. Unless you’re grilling outdoors for a barbecue, standing over a hot stove during those hot summer evenings isn’t exactly something you look forward to doing. In fact, you’d love to skip having to cook all together and let someone else do all the work.

Nakato Loves Cooking for You

If you need a break from the ordinary, and want to leave the cooking chores (and the clean up), to someone else, head on over to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Charlotte, or our Japanese restaurant in Springfield. At both locations, we prepare delicious summertime meals for all of our hungry diners, and all you have to do is sit there and enjoy a great meal.

Our fine chefs are trained in the art of Teppan Yaki cooking. In America, this describes a form of cooking that involves chopping fresh vegetables, seafood, beef or chicken and expertly grilling it on a large flat grill. Teppan Yaki cooking is similar to American barbecuing, but doesn’t involve using rubs or sauces on the meat. We do provide sauces as a side condiment.

Our chef’s love cooking for you and when you come in with a group of family or friends you’ll be seated Springfield-02-150x150around a large table. Each table is assigned a chef who is not only there to cook your meal right in front of you, but to entertain you as well. You’d be surprised at how entertaining it is watching our chefs masterfully chop, slice, dice and separate various food items on the grill. You’ll gain a new appreciation for culinary tricks that only the most skilled are able to perform. Some of our chefs are down right funny, and your dinner party is sure to have a few chuckles while waiting for your meal.

Escape the Kitchen

Don’t you think that you’ve earned a break away from the kitchen? You’ve been faithfully preparing meals all summer long. Sometimes meals are sandwiches and salads, which are mercifully easy to make. You’ve cooked your share of hotdogs and hamburgers too. So, now it’s time to escape the kitchen for one or two nights and find comforting refuge at Nakato.

Healthy Grilled Food

Eating at Nakato sushi bar in Charlotte or sushi bar in Springfield is a guilt-free pleasure, because many of our menu items are lower in calories than typical restaurant food. Grilling is a healthy way to prepare food, because it locks in food juices and flavor. We cut away the fatty parts of beef and chicken pieces, leaving you to eat only the robust meat in all its natural goodness. In addition, our chef’s grill vegetables in a way that maintains their texture without cooking away all of the essential nutrients. The result is a meal that has tons of flavors and requires little additional seasoning.

Come to Nakato for dinner this hot August and leave the cooking to us.

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Nakato Japanese Steakhouse’s Menu Has Something for Everyone

Going out to eat with a group of family, or friends, is always a pleasure, and a challenge. The pleasure Nakato-Springfield-150x150comes from spending time with people who like to sit around and share a good meal while having a few laughs. The challenging part about dining with a group is that it’s sometimes difficult to find a restaurant that everyone agrees upon.

Most people have their own preferences when it comes to menu selection and what one person thinks is great, might make another person unhappy. Fortunately, there are some restaurants that offer a little bit of something for everyone. Nakato is in this category of great restaurants. Whether you choose to visit our Japanese restaurant in Charlotte or our Japanese restaurant in Springfield, your family and friends are sure to be pleased when they see our food menu.

Meat Lovers

Anyone who is a meat lover is going to be a happy camper when browsing our hibachi menu. Since we’re index-150x150a Japanese steak house, we serve up some of the finest cuts of New York strip steak you’ve ever had the pleasure to eat. Our strip steaks are meaty, juicy and tender. If you want to kick things up a notch try our Filet Mignon, which is heavenly. For the teriyaki lover we offer beautiful strip loin steak perfectly seasoned in teriyaki sauce. Or, you can opt for grilled boneless chicken, or teriyaki chicken.

Seafood Lovers

Seafood is an integral part of both American and Japanese culinary traditions. At Nakato, you’ll be able to indulge in your love for seafood in different ways. You can order a seafood combo that includes grilled shrimp, salmon and scallops. You can go for a duo of just shrimp and scallops. Or, you can enjoy a plateful of one seafood item cooked hibachi style. If you can’t choose between meat and seafood – have both!

We’re not going to force you to choose between two foods you love, so you can have a nice, juicy steak, or 43267-150x150piece of chicken along with shrimp, calamari, scallops or salmon.

Another way to enjoy seafood is by ordering from our exclusive sushi menu at our sushi bar in Charlotte or sushi bar in Springfield. That’s right. Nakato offers exquisite sushi to suit even the most discriminating sushi lover. And, just like our teppan yaki menu, our sushi menu offers you a lot of variety. Some popular sushi rolls include spicy tuna, California and regional favorites. You might also like our elegant sashimi trays featuring our best seafood selections with rice.


Sometimes it’s difficult for vegetarians to go out and have a good meal at a meat and seafood place. At Nakato, you can find healthy vegetarian selections such as our vegetable sushi roll that includes cucumber, asparagus, avocado, carrot and lettuce with sesame seeds. Seaweed salad is a light dish filled with nutrients. You can also taste authentic edamame, cooked soybeans, which are quickly becoming a favorite snack for many Americans.

At Nakato we make it easy to order a delicious vegetable dinner, with or without tofu, from our teppan yaki menu, which is accompanied by white or fried rice.

Make plans today to come to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse for great food and great times.

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Sushi and Summer: A Perfect Combination

Sushi is one of America’s favorite foods all year round, but there’s something special about sushi and index-150x150summer that seems to make it that much more mouthwatering. Perhaps it’s the relationship between the freshness of fish and seafood that makes it so appealing on hot days. Because of the heat, you often don’t feel like eating anything heavy, and your body doesn’t really need it. Therefore, sushi provides you with a light and healthy alternative to heavier foods.

When it comes to making and serving awesome summertime sushi Nakato Japanese Steakhouse is unsurpassed. Our sushi bar in Charlotte is a popular destination for locals and tourists. We can say the same for our sushi bar in Springfield, which is often busy. People love our sushi, because it’s super fresh, but most importantly, it is prepared according to authentic Japanese standards. Nakato sushi chefs are among the best anywhere and we don’t cut corners on ingredients or preparations. We welcome all sushi lovers to come to our restaurant, order anything from our sushi menu and compare our sushi to others.

Nakato sushi lovers are raving about our sushi menu and you’ll find that some of our loyal customers like it so much they leave a review for you to read. The quality of our sushi is something we’re very proud of slide-4-150x150and we are dedicated to giving our customers the best of the best.

The Sushi Platter

During the summer months, you may be in the mood to eat a light dish, but still desire to experience that burst of flavor in your mouth, and the excitement of mingling textures on your tongue. If you’re one of these people, we highly recommend you order one of our sushi platters to satiate your appetite.

Our sushi platters offer you a lot of flexibility when choosing selections from our varied menu. Nakato sushi platters allow you to order one or more types of sushi to enjoy at one sitting. You can mix various sushi rolls. For instance, you can order your favorite roll and taste one of our other roll combinations. You can also order sushi rolls along with sashimi, which are thin slices of fresh fish sitting atop white rice. Or, combine sushi rolls with slices of fish without the rice.

Socializing with friends and family during the summer is very common and the whole gang should visit Nakato sushi bar in Springfield or sushi bar in Charlotte for social sushi. No, this isn’t the latest dance craze or party game. Social sushi is simply hanging out at our place and sharing one or more platters of fresh, delicious sushi made the way you like it. Nakato is a blast during the summer and lots of people escape the heat by coming in to share a sushi platter over lunch or dinner. Oh, and you can wash it down with an ice cold beverage.

In the mood for sushi? Great! Come to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse for the best summer sushi in town.

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While You’re On the Go This Summer Don’t Forget to Stop by Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Summertime has started and you’re probably making a list of things you want to do, as many people do crowd_large-150x150this time of year. There certainly isn’t a lack of fun activities to do in our area. You have access to music concerts, festivals, parks and any number of fun things, including shopping and eating.

While you’re out and about having a good time don’t forget to add Nakato Japanese restaurant in Charlotte or Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Springfield to your to do list. We too are considered a local favorite in two areas: dining out and entertainment.

Lip Smacking Good Comfort Food

Residents of Charlotte and Springfield can appreciate good old-fashioned comfort food that is affordable and so good that you want to just lick the plate clean when you’re done. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you come to one of our restaurants. We are known as one of the area’s best at serving up ample plates of delicious NY strip steak that is so juicy and tender you can practically eat it without using a veggie-150x150knife, but we recommend using a knife so you’ll be able to enjoy each morsel slowly.

We grill fresh chicken breasts the same way we do steak, and it turns out wonderfully tender, and we’re sure you’re going to love it. In addition to our choice meats, we also grill up fresh seafood daily for your eating enjoyment. Come to Nakato for hibachi style shrimp, scallops or perhaps you prefer salmon steaks cooked to perfection. Maybe you’re in the mood for filet mignon or lobster, if so you can definitely satisfy your cravings here.

Summer is also the time for lighter foods and since Japanese cooking is light and healthy, you’ll be able to eat a lot more without feeling weighed down from too much fat. Stick with our traditional sides of rice or noodles. Order a side salad to go along with your meat or seafood entrée or enjoy our sushi bar in Springfield or sushi bar in Charlotte.

Sushi is another type of Japanese comfort food that you can order as a meal, or enjoy as a side item along sushi004-150x150with your hibachi dinner. Many of our loyal customers will tell you that no one does sushi better than Nakato. We’re the premier sushi place in Charlotte for one reason: it’s absolutely fresh and tastes divine.

We make many varieties of popular sushi rolls such as California and Philadelphia. But, we also offer some creatively unique sushi rolls that are sure to be just as exciting as any amusement park ride. Choose whatever type of sushi experience you like: sweet and spicy, hot and spicy, savory or exotically adventurous. One thing we know for sure is that you’ll never get bored eating selections found on our sushi menu.

Come In and Cool Off

Nakato is a great place to visit on those hot summer days when you need somewhere to relax while cooling off from the summer heat. Come in alone, with a friend, or as part of a group and dine among other happy customers. We’re very casual so it’s fine for you to come inside wearing shorts and flip flops. Oh, and be sure to bring a big appetite so that you can enjoy several of our tasty menu items.

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June is the Perfect Month to Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

It’s June and things are just about to gear up for the summer. Springfield and sushi004-150x150Charlotte are certainly great places to be during summer, because there’s always something interesting and fun going on. Another thing that is cool about the month of June is that you feel more like hanging out and trying out new dining experiences. Nakato Japanese restaurant in Springfield or Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Charlotte offer a unique dining experience that allows you to eat dishes created as a fusion between Japanese and American food.

Japanese Influence

The Japanese steakhouse has its origins in Japan, a land that is steeped in the tradition of cooking simple foods in ways that truly respect their individual flavors. Japanese dishes also tend to be light and healthy. While many Americans know that the Japanese eat lots of rice, noodles and seafood, the country is no slouch when it Springfield-02-150x150comes to grilling steak or chicken, popular American staples.

Most of the menu items at Nakato are very familiar to Americans who enjoy entrees of steak, chicken and seafood favorites. These are foods that both cultures appreciate, and that’s why you’ll be very comfortable eating here, if you love traditional comfort foods. At our restaurant, your meal is prepared on a hibachi grill, which has a flat surface. Grilling foods on this type of heated surface helps food cook quickly while maintaining the best flavor quality.

Quality and freshness of ingredients are very important in Japanese style cooking, and this is why we are able to provide our dining guests with the best sushi bar in Springfield. We consider sushi to be a culinary art form, and our sushi chefs take great care in preparing sushi rolls, sashimi and nigiri sushi plates using traditional techniques. Nakato sushi is beautiful to look at and even better to eat. If you’re going to eat sushi in Springfield or sushi in Charlotte, you must come and try selections from our varied sushi menu, and see for yourself why people from everywhere are raving about it.

American Influence

American’s love casual dining and that’s exactly what you get when you come and eat veggie-150x150at our fine establishment. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a meal among our many diners and let your hair down so to speak. We’re not stuffy or pretentious. You can come with friends, family and kids.

Bring a hearty appetite when you come eat here, because our food may be light and healthy, but you get ample servings of meat, seafood and sides such as rice and noodles. For the little ones there are kid size portions of our most popular meals. We also have dessert for those who want to end their meal with something tantalizingly sweet and delicious. Vanilla bean ice cream or chocolate lava cake anyone?

Stop by Nakato during the month of June for a fantastic meal that celebrates two wonderful cultures at the same time.

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Make Sure Your Graduation Plans Include a Trip to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Graduation time marks another end to an important chapter in life. Young people graduating from high graduation-02-150x150school are either preparing to take that next step on their educational ladder by going to college, or deciding what’s next for their lives. Those graduating from college are getting ready to enter the workforce as a full-fledged adult, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails. This is a big occasion that many families wish to share with their graduates.

After the graduation ceremonies are complete, everybody is hungry and wants to head somewhere to get some great-tasting food and unwind with loved ones. We know just the place where you can do both: Nakato Japanese restaurant in Charlotte or Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Springfield.

Casual Dining Atmosphere

There’s no reason to leave a formal graduation and then feel obligated to spend more time eating in a Hibachi-01-150x150place that makes you feel like you can’t kick back and relax. Nakato is a casual dining place where families can come in, be seated at a nice table and feel free to talk, laugh and let your hair down. Often, there’s lots of chatter about school, family matters and all sorts of things, and you can certainly enjoy each other’s company while indulging in some good old-fashioned Japanese steakhouse meals.

Spectacular Cooking

A chef is assigned to your table to cook and entertain while you watch. Smiles abound as our chef does his fancy culinary work right before your eyes. Order delicious meals from our menu featuring N.Y. strip steak, grilled chicken, salmon, shrimp and other popular seafood. We also offer Japanese style rice and healthy vegetables to compliment your meat or seafood.

If you’re used to never seeing the chef when you eat out, you’re in for a real treat. Nakato chefs know how veggie-150x150to make cooking fascinating and fun. Come for the entertainment as well as the great food.

World-Class Sushi

Nakato sushi bar in Charlotte and sushi bar in Springfield is famous for our amazing sushi platters featuring fresh sushi prepared traditionally by our sushi chefs. Your sushi loving graduates are sure to be thrilled with the variety of selections on our sushi menu. Treat them to a sushi platter with treats made with assorted fish and seafood along with rice, vegetables and tangy sauces.

Toast to the Future

Share a wonderful toast between family and friends with our selection of red and white wines, domestic and imported beer and Japanese sake. We love it when family members share their joy for young people who are starting on a new journey in life, and we have plenty of wonderful drink choices to help you celebrate.

Reserve a Table

Graduation is a busy time at Nakato so it’s a good idea to call us ahead of time to reserve a table for your dining party. Of course, you can always stop in and wait for a table, but calling is the better option for large groups.

Call Nakato today and reserve a table for graduation day. We’ll provide plenty fun and food.

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For Good Food and Good Times, Stop by Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Have you ever had a hankering for a really good meal, but aren’t sure exactly what you want? Hibachi-01-150x150

That’s pretty common. Sometimes people drive around town looking at various restaurants, trying to figure out which one to stop at to enjoy a great meal. Most eating establishments make claims of having good food, because restaurants need customers to serve. But, everyone knows that claims are nothing unless they are backed up by quality. That’s why Nakato Japanese restaurant in Springfield and Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Charlotte works hard to maintain our reputation for making good food that you’ll want to keep eating again and again.

Is Japanese Food as Good as American Food?

People who have never eaten in a Japanese restaurant often wonder how Japanese style food compares to traditional American dishes. Well, in our viewpoint, good food is good no matter how it is prepared and presented. Nakato is a restaurant that specializes in hibachi dishes featuring common foods such as steak, chicken, seafood and rice. The style of cooking we do blends Japanese and American food culture and eating preferences together into one amazing culinary phenomenon.

If you enjoy eating New York strip steak, grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon and scallops, you’ll absolutely Nakato-Springfield-150x150love eating at Nakato, because our food is part of the American melting pot. Japanese steakhouses have been popular with American’s of all ages and backgrounds for 50 years and counting, so eating here gives you the opportunity to taste another type of American food with an ethnic twist.

What About Sushi?

Okay, we’ll admit it. Sushi is very much a traditional Japanese dish. Sushi is also a type of food that has quickly become a favorite among millions of good food loving Americans. In fact, you’ll find sushi bars in cities and towns across the country. The popularity of sushi is why Nakato has a sushi bar in Charlotte and a sushi bar in Springfield. It may seem a bit quirky or odd to eat raw fish, if you’ve never tried sushi, but many people have taken a leap of faith and ordered a sushi platter to try it out, and found that they love sushi.

You may, or may not enjoy the taste of sushi, but Nakato is a fun place to try one or two pieces. We make index-150x150all sorts of authentic sushi using different varieties of seafood, vegetables and sauces. You could come back to Nakato several times and still not taste every type of sushi we make. Sushi fans know that we make really great tasting sushi that qualifies as good American food.

Good Food Good Fun

You don’t have to take our word for it. Stop in and grab a table at Nakato and order from our hibachi or sushi menus. Our staff is friendly, our chefs delightful and the atmosphere is fun and always casual. Our sole desire is to serve customers good food from the moment we open until closing time.

Good food is a matter of opinion, and Nakato is a restaurant that earns its reputation for being a place where you’ll consistently get a really good meal. Come in, grab good seats and enjoy.

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