Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Appetizers from the Sushi Bar

Appetizers from the Sushi Bar
EdamameBoiled soybeans Baked Mussels Baked New Zealand green mussels w/ masago & spicy aioli
Seaweed Salad Smoked Squid Salad Marinated in sesame oil sauce
Hawaiian Poke Salad Choice of salmon or tuna; marinated in soy, ginger, shiso, cucumber, and onion on a bed of greens tossed with a vinaigrette sauce) Nakato Sashimi Rainbow Tuna, Tasmanian King Salmon, whitemeat fish w/ garlic, shiso, hot pepper and ponzu sauce
Sunomono Salad Cucumber, octopus, salmon, shrimp, white fish, crab stick and seaweed with a vinaigrette sauce Atlantic Fried Roll Asparagus, salmon, whitemeat fish, crab stick, & shiso lightly battered and fried
Three Handroll Combo Spicy tuna, salmon skin, & sea eel tempura Tuna Tataki Seared tuna w/ ginger sauce
Tuna Carpaccio Tuna lightly pounded, layered in ponzu sauce w/ spicy sesame oil and aioli  

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