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Month: February 2016

For Quality Food at Affordable Prices Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Deciding on where to eat out when you’re with a group of family, or friends, can be a tough call sometimes. It’s easy to get pulled in 20 different directions, because everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to Nakato-hibachi-150x150food choices. Things get even more difficult when you need to maintain a certain budget while dining out. It’s no secret that eating out can be expensive. Therefore, you must come up with a solution that resolves both of these issues, without causing any hard feelings.

Choose Quality First

As you’re deciding which restaurants you like best, quality should be high on the list of reasons why you pick an establishment such as Nakato Restaurant. It’s hard to understand why some restaurants score so lowly on the crucial quality scale, but there are those that do. Fortunately, quality isn’t a problem for us, because we make sure that each meal we serve meets our, and our customer’s high standards.

Whether you choose to eat at our Japanese restaurant in Charlotte, or our Japanese restaurant in Springfield, all of our locations share the same philosophy of using only the best quality food ingredients in preparing our menu selections.

We know claims of quality are common in the restaurant industry. Therefore, you don’t have to take our word for it. Come to Nakato for a trial meal and order any of our menu items. If our quality measures up to your personal standards, bring the whole gang here next time.

Generous Portions

Bring your appetite when you come to Nakato for lunch or dinner. We are not shy when it comes to portion size, veggie-150x150and you’ll get a generous portion of meat, seafood, rice and vegetables, depending on what you order. We don’t like the idea of customers leaving our place hungry, so we make sure that you’ll be pleasantly full, but not unpleasantly stuffed. In case you can’t finish every bite, we’re happy to provide you with a container to take home what remains on your plate. That way, you can enjoy it for leftovers.

Meal Variety

Nakato is a good choice for group dining, because our menu has something for everyone. Those who want classic American food can order an item such as our tender and juicy NY Strip steak meal. Health conscious diners love our grilled chicken, and everyone enjoys our various seafood meals featuring shrimp, scallops, salmon and much more.


Nakato sushi bar in Springfield or sushi bar in Charlotte is a great place for group dining, because you get to enjoy tasty comfort food that’s priced as a good value. However, we do offer special value meals that can have a positive impact on your entertainment budget. Keep your eye out for our meal specials, because these are very popular with our customers. Of course, the flip side of that popularity means that our restaurants are packed with customers at certain times. Get here early to secure your seating.

Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse and enjoy our great food at affordable prices.

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February is the Perfect Time to Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

February has the distinction of being the month of love. Valentine’s day falls in the middle of the month and you’re sushi004-150x150probably wondering how you can celebrate this day of love in a unique way. Fortunately, Nakato Japanese Restaurant in Charlotte and Nakato Japanese Restaurant in Springfield has some great suggestions.

Fun Double Date

Instead of a date for two, why not plan a double date at Nakato with another couple?

Think of how much fun the four of you will have here at our casual eating establishment. For one thing, you don’t have to dress up for the occasion, because our diners come dressed in regular street clothing. Come in jeans and t-shirts for all we care. We’ll seat you and provide excellent service regardless of your appearance.

To make things more interesting we recommend having each person order one meal item from our menu, and then you can ask us to give you extra plates so everyone gets to taste different selections. Hey, sharing is caring as we like to say. Additionally, you might want to order a bottle of wine for the table – or sake, if you want to celebrate in the Japanese tradition.

As your chef prepares your meal you could elevate the fun by playing a guessing game. How about guessing how long it takes to chop vegetables?

Or, you can take turns guessing what your chef is going to grill next.

Remember to bring your Valentine’s Day cards and gifts for each other to make the evening even more special.Nakato-hibachi-150x150

Pamper Yourself

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving others, it’s also a great day for pampering yourself by coming to our restaurant with your BFFs. Take the evening off from cooking dinner at home, and instead, let us prepare any meal you like from our tasty selection of dinner meal favorites such as grilled chicken, NY strip steak or fresh seafood. Share laughs and great food with your pals as your group relaxes in our casual dining atmosphere.

Sushi Lovers Club

Form a sushi lovers club among good friends who enjoy sushi as much as you do, and come to one of our sushi bars for Valentine’s Day. Nakato has a sushi bar in Charlotte and sushi bar in Springfield for your eating enjoyment. If you’ve never tried our sushi, be prepared to fall head over heels in love with it. It might also create a desire to come back for more of our famed sushi again and again. Plenty of Nakato sushi lovers are unashamedly smitten with our sushi, and can’t keep their hands off those delectable bites of seafood and sauce mixed with fresh vegetables.

Don’t miss out on the fun. Celebrate love and friendship at Nakato Restaurant this February.

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