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Month: December 2015

December is the Perfect Time to Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Have you been out and about going here and there searching high and low for everything you need to find on your holiday shopping list?

This is that time of year when we all get together with family and friends to share some holiday cheer and pay homage to peace on Earth. The thing is,Black-Friday-150x150 though, you don’t feel very peaceful when you’re scurrying around trying to get everything done before you get to take a much deserved break. But, there’s really no reason to wait until that special day arrives to kick back and relax. You can do it right now during your lunch hour, after work or on the weekend. We know the perfect place to come to for a relaxing good time.

Nakato Japanese Steakhouse.

Celebrate With Co-workers

Nakato Japanese Steakhouse is a perfect place to gather for a pre-holiday lunch with friends from work. You and your co-workers can exchange holiday cards and gifts in a casual atmosphere over delicious plates of your Japanese steakhouse favorites. Maybe you’re doing Secret Santa, which is always fun, and you need to eat lunch somewhere that you can get a little boisterous with each other without feeling like you’ve got to be hush hush. Well, Nakato Japanese Steakhouse is a restaurant where all of you can comfortably be your wonderful selves, chatting and laughing at surprises you share together.

Celebrate With Family

Nakato is a family-friendly restaurant that welcomes people of all ages, and you and your family can share a delightful meal together in true Japanese steakhouse style. Sit at one of our spacious tables and order up platefuls of grilled seafood, chicken or steak. Watch our chef prepare your meal at your table as you enjoy each other’s company. Nakato meal preparation is always a treat for the whole family as our chefs are highly skilled in the performance of culinary arts.

Nakato is an affordable place to eat a hearty meal, because we give you generous portions that leave you feeling satisfied. Families love oindex-150x150ur combination menu selections, because you can combine different meats with seafood, or two types of seafood, which allows you to taste two mouthwatering entrees for the price of one.

Celebrate With Sushi Loving Friends

There is no better place to enjoy sharing great sushi with friends than Nakato’s sushi bar in Charlotte and sushi bar in Springfield. We’re sure that you’ll find the sushi at all our restaurants to be superior in taste and quality. Whether you come here for sushi before or after the holidays, we’ll have plenty of fresh sushi rolls on hand to satisfy your cravings.

Come to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse today and enjoy great food and simple holiday pleasures.

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