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Month: September 2015

Why Our Customers Love Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Everybody’s got a favorite local restaurant that they just love talking about and coming back to eat at again and again. Like many restaurants that have been around for a while, Nakato Japanese Steakhouse Nakato-Springfield-150x150has a strong reputation among diners for being a top favorite place to eat.
Because we care about the quality of food we serve our customers, and we also care about your overall dining experience. Okay, we know that’s kind of vague and doesn’t really explain the specifics of why our customers keep returning here – some for years. So, we’re going to offer you three solid reasons why we are loved by our customers.
Fantastic Sushi
Many of our customers who eat sushi on a regular basis give Nakato high ratings for our sushi menu. Sushi is something our staff here takes very seriously, because we believe in serving sushi that meets our high standards for excellence. Hey, we’re not a fancy restaurant by any stretch of the imagination, but that doesn’t stop us from serving four star quality sushi platters.
Nakato has a sushi bar in Charlotte and sushi bar in Springfield, and both are popular with sushi lovers of all kinds. Making the best sushi around begins by selecting the freshest fish and ingredients for our fabulous sushi selections. Secondly, our sushi chefs are highly trained food artisans who understand how to prepare sushi correctly. When you bite into a piece of Nakato sushi you’ll immediately know that index-150x150you’re getting a treat.
Affordable Meal
Going out to eat these days can set you back quite a bit of money unless you plan carefully. Customers love coming to Nakato, because they know they’re going to get generous portions at an affordable price. We’re not some fancy place that thinks a meal consists of small portions strategically placed on your plate, and decorated with a dash of sauce made from ingredients you’ve never heard of. Nope. We’re proud of the fact that our grilled steak, chicken and seafood plates are filled with scrumptious foods that you recognize.
Since we often mix meat and vegetables with rice or noodles, your plate is going to be a wonderful combination of flavors and textures. Is it a bit messy? Maybe, but you won’t care. Trust us. Simple food cooked well is our specialty, and you can get plenty of it whenever you stop by.
Casual Dining Fun
At Nakato Japanese Restaurant in Charlotte and Japanese Restaurant in Springfield, you can kick back and relax at your table while you watch your assigned chef prepare your meal at the grill. Come here when you’re in the mood for being sociable, because our large tables seat lots of people from all walks of life.

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September is a Good Time to Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

September is a busy time here at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse. Now that summertime is coming to a close, there are still plenty of reasons to eat at your favorite Japanese restaurant in Charlotte, or crowd_large-150x150Japanese restaurant in Springfield.
Something Different
Nakato is where you go when you’re bored with all of the other dining out choices and what to spice things up a little. A Japanese steakhouse restaurant with our reputation for good food and good times is just the place to go to change things up. Nakato offers two types of dining under the same roof.
Tappan Yaki
If you’re a big fan of grilled food, you won’t want to miss our popular grilled dishes featuring the best cuts of NY strip steak and chicken. We also grill seafood selections such as shrimp and salmon. Our grilling method ensures that each dish we prepare for you is packed with flavor, but without all of that unwanted grease and fat you get with other types of meals.
All guest meals are prepared on large, flat grills that provide even temperatures for cooking foods quickly so that juices and flavors remain. When you are seated your dining party is assigned a chef and a grill. The chef prepares your entire meal at the grill as you look on. Tappan Yaki cooking is fun to watch and img_homepage-2-150x150our chefs often show off a few cooking tricks. If you like watching TV show cooks do their thing – chopping food quickly – and cooking with flourish, you’ve definitely got to stop in here and watch our chefs cook.
Sushi Bar
Nakato sushi bar in Charlotte or sushi bar in Springfield is also a place where you can find a delicious array of fresh sushi, served Japanese style. Many people come here just to nosh on sushi rolls and don’t bother with the meals. Of course, you can choose to order a sushi platter along with any of our fine grilled meals, and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.
Study Break
Are you a local college student? Great! Take a break from reading text books and writing papers and joining your friends at Nakato. Our restaurant is always filled with all kinds of people, lots of chatter and laughter. You can come here with your friends, relax and hang out while chowing down on one of our meal specials. In our casual, down-to-earth atmosphere you can enjoy an affordable meal and leave full, because our portions are generous.
Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse and check out our September specials.

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