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Month: June 2015

While You’re On the Go This Summer Don’t Forget to Stop by Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Summertime has started and you’re probably making a list of things you want to do, as many people do crowd_large-150x150this time of year. There certainly isn’t a lack of fun activities to do in our area. You have access to music concerts, festivals, parks and any number of fun things, including shopping and eating.

While you’re out and about having a good time don’t forget to add Nakato Japanese restaurant in Charlotte or Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Springfield to your to do list. We too are considered a local favorite in two areas: dining out and entertainment.

Lip Smacking Good Comfort Food

Residents of Charlotte and Springfield can appreciate good old-fashioned comfort food that is affordable and so good that you want to just lick the plate clean when you’re done. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you come to one of our restaurants. We are known as one of the area’s best at serving up ample plates of delicious NY strip steak that is so juicy and tender you can practically eat it without using a veggie-150x150knife, but we recommend using a knife so you’ll be able to enjoy each morsel slowly.

We grill fresh chicken breasts the same way we do steak, and it turns out wonderfully tender, and we’re sure you’re going to love it. In addition to our choice meats, we also grill up fresh seafood daily for your eating enjoyment. Come to Nakato for hibachi style shrimp, scallops or perhaps you prefer salmon steaks cooked to perfection. Maybe you’re in the mood for filet mignon or lobster, if so you can definitely satisfy your cravings here.

Summer is also the time for lighter foods and since Japanese cooking is light and healthy, you’ll be able to eat a lot more without feeling weighed down from too much fat. Stick with our traditional sides of rice or noodles. Order a side salad to go along with your meat or seafood entrée or enjoy our sushi bar in Springfield or sushi bar in Charlotte.

Sushi is another type of Japanese comfort food that you can order as a meal, or enjoy as a side item along sushi004-150x150with your hibachi dinner. Many of our loyal customers will tell you that no one does sushi better than Nakato. We’re the premier sushi place in Charlotte for one reason: it’s absolutely fresh and tastes divine.

We make many varieties of popular sushi rolls such as California and Philadelphia. But, we also offer some creatively unique sushi rolls that are sure to be just as exciting as any amusement park ride. Choose whatever type of sushi experience you like: sweet and spicy, hot and spicy, savory or exotically adventurous. One thing we know for sure is that you’ll never get bored eating selections found on our sushi menu.

Come In and Cool Off

Nakato is a great place to visit on those hot summer days when you need somewhere to relax while cooling off from the summer heat. Come in alone, with a friend, or as part of a group and dine among other happy customers. We’re very casual so it’s fine for you to come inside wearing shorts and flip flops. Oh, and be sure to bring a big appetite so that you can enjoy several of our tasty menu items.

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June is the Perfect Month to Visit Nakato Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

It’s June and things are just about to gear up for the summer. Springfield and sushi004-150x150Charlotte are certainly great places to be during summer, because there’s always something interesting and fun going on. Another thing that is cool about the month of June is that you feel more like hanging out and trying out new dining experiences. Nakato Japanese restaurant in Springfield or Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Charlotte offer a unique dining experience that allows you to eat dishes created as a fusion between Japanese and American food.

Japanese Influence

The Japanese steakhouse has its origins in Japan, a land that is steeped in the tradition of cooking simple foods in ways that truly respect their individual flavors. Japanese dishes also tend to be light and healthy. While many Americans know that the Japanese eat lots of rice, noodles and seafood, the country is no slouch when it Springfield-02-150x150comes to grilling steak or chicken, popular American staples.

Most of the menu items at Nakato are very familiar to Americans who enjoy entrees of steak, chicken and seafood favorites. These are foods that both cultures appreciate, and that’s why you’ll be very comfortable eating here, if you love traditional comfort foods. At our restaurant, your meal is prepared on a hibachi grill, which has a flat surface. Grilling foods on this type of heated surface helps food cook quickly while maintaining the best flavor quality.

Quality and freshness of ingredients are very important in Japanese style cooking, and this is why we are able to provide our dining guests with the best sushi bar in Springfield. We consider sushi to be a culinary art form, and our sushi chefs take great care in preparing sushi rolls, sashimi and nigiri sushi plates using traditional techniques. Nakato sushi is beautiful to look at and even better to eat. If you’re going to eat sushi in Springfield or sushi in Charlotte, you must come and try selections from our varied sushi menu, and see for yourself why people from everywhere are raving about it.

American Influence

American’s love casual dining and that’s exactly what you get when you come and eat veggie-150x150at our fine establishment. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a meal among our many diners and let your hair down so to speak. We’re not stuffy or pretentious. You can come with friends, family and kids.

Bring a hearty appetite when you come eat here, because our food may be light and healthy, but you get ample servings of meat, seafood and sides such as rice and noodles. For the little ones there are kid size portions of our most popular meals. We also have dessert for those who want to end their meal with something tantalizingly sweet and delicious. Vanilla bean ice cream or chocolate lava cake anyone?

Stop by Nakato during the month of June for a fantastic meal that celebrates two wonderful cultures at the same time.

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