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Month: January 2015

Creating the Perfect Sushi at Nakato’s Japanese Restaurant

Have you ever wondered how the perfect piece of sushi is made?

Truthfully, there isn’t a high quality Japanese restaurant in the world that hasn’t put much time and effort into creating perfect bites of sushi for customers. Of coursushi004-150x150se, perfection is in the eye of the sushi eater, so any attempts at making the best sushi in the world are always subject to personal opinion.

Here at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse with our sushi bar in Charlotte and our sushi bar in Springfield, you can bet that we too are always on a quest to create perfect sushi for our guests. You may not think of Springfield as much of a sushi city, but in fact, there are plenty of sushi lovers in this area who are very discriminating about their sushi. These sushi connoisseurs know that any Japanese restaurant that stakes its reputation on its sushi bar better deliver on quality, or suffer the consequences.

This time-honored desire to make the very best sushi is deeply embedded into the heart of each Nakato sushi chef. Our chefs are well aware that Nakato is not the only sushi bar out there. Therefore, in order to earn a reputation as being one of the best sushi bars in town, we’ve got to deliver great quality every single day. That’s no small feat. However, our Nakato sushi chefs understand that they must perform to a higher standard than everyone else in order to impress our loyal sushi fans.

Making sushi in Charlotte or sushi in Springfield is an art, not just a culinary task done for fun. A real sushi chef takes great pride in his work and goes to great lengths to ensure that each piece that lands on a plate is worthy of its place. Nakato sushi chefs are definitely among this class of experts. They understand that when you come into our reindex-150x150staurant and go to the sushi bar you’re expecting a plateful of delicately arranged fresh fish married with rice, and a variety of intriguing flavors. Thanks to the dedication of our expert sushi chefs that’s exactly what we deliver.

The pursuit of sushi perfection is a part of our culinary DNA. We know that the competition for local sushi lovers is stiff, and we want you to come back and enjoy our sushi often. So far, we are fortunate to be among the most popular sushi bars in the area. However, we want you to know that we’ll never take this earned status for granted. The competition for best honors, and the constant expectations of our customers is enough to keep our sushi chefs at peak performance levels in the kitchen.

Maybe there should be a Top Chef competition in the sushi category. If there were such a show, we know that our chefs would do quite well. The good news is that when you are in Springfield or Charlotte, you can visit Nakato anytime to enjoy our amazing selection of fresh sushi. We prepare it just the way you love it – perfect.

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Start Your New Year’s Off With a Trip to Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

The New Year has begun in Charlotte and Springfield, with it comes all sorts of new possibilities to do exciting things. You’ve got a list of resolutions to get started on and there’s no better place img_homepage-2-150x150to plan out how you’re going to do all these great things than at a Japanese restaurant in Charlotte or Springfield. As a matter of fact, Nakato Japanese Steakhouse has an excellent reputation for offering guests a deliciously hearty and healthy meal at affordable prices.

Does Sushi Make You Smarter?

We’ve noticed that a lot of smart people seem to come to our sushi bar in Charlotte or our sushi bar in Springfield and order platters of fresh sushi that rival the fanciest sushi places anywhere. While we can’t say for sure that eating sushi improves your mental abilities, eating lean fish that is low in fat and high in protein is definitely a smart food choice.

Our sushi selections are made fresh daily and feature popular choices such as sushi rolls and sashimi. What better way is there for a sushi lover to start out the new year than to visit Nakato for sushi that is so good that you’re taste buds will thank you profusely.

Grilling is Thrilling and Good for You Too

Nakato is also a restaurant where you can come to eat with family and friends and not feel a bit of guilt when filling up your plate. The main reason is that we serve hearty helpings of low fat grilled steak, chicken and seafood. If one of your resolutions is to lose weight and be in great shape by summer, you need to be choosy when eating out. We happen to be a wonderful restaurant choice for anyone who doesn’t want to give up great-tasting food when eating out.

Every item on our menu is designed for someone who appreciates healthy food cooked with savory methods. Our chefs grill each piece of fresh NY strip steak, chicken breast or slide-12-150x150seafood on a hot grill using cooking methods that seal in natural juices. That ensures that each bite is going to taste as good as the first. Plus, your dinner plate won’t be dripping in heavy fat and calories. Enjoy your meat or seafood with hot rice and grilled vegetables.

While you and your party await your food you can chat while watching your assigned chef prepare your meal at the table. Your friendly Nakato chef is skilled in the secrets of Japanese Tappan Yaki cooking, which means that you’ll be observing some mighty fancy grilling skills.

Need Resolution Motivation?

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy, but acting on them is often difficult, if not impossible, as the days go by. Sometimes it helps to get out of the house and grab a bite to eat with friends who are able to give you lots of motivation to push forward and accomplish your resolutions. Nakato Japanese Steakhouse with locations in Charlotte and Springfield offers the perfect casual dining environment for socializing while giving each other much needed advice and encouragement.

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