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Month: November 2014

The Holidays Start at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

November marks the official beginning of the holiday season here in Charlotte, which makes us very happy. More than any other time of year, the holidays usher in a cheerful spirit that christmas-shopping-150x150is truly infectious!

As the holiday decorations go up, we reflect on what an amazing year it’s been and how much we enjoy serving the good people of Charlotte. Thanksgiving is upon us and this causes us to pause for a moment to feel thankful that we have such loyal customers. It’s people like you who make it such a joy to live and work in this great community. Many customers let us know how much they appreciate our great customer service during their dining experience. Well, we’d like you do know that we sincerely appreciate having such wonderful people like you dining with us.

Because Nakato is a Japanese restaurant in Charlotte and Springfield, we don’t serve the traditional dinners at our fine establishment. Instead, we serve up an abundance of deliciously fresh seafood, beef and chicken all prepared according to our high standards of quality. When you visit us this November you will see that our chefs put great effort into creating plates of decorative treats from our famous sushi bar in Charlotte or our local favorite  sushi bar in Springfield. If you’re familiar with Japanese style sushi, you’ll agree that sushi is one of the most beautiful food presentations ever invented.

Come to Nakato this holiday season and enjoy plates of delicate nigiri sushi or sashimi done with decorative flair. Or, treat yourself and friends to some of our delectable sushi rolls. We have a full menu of popular sushi rolls with many different types of seafood and ingredients rolled into one delicious bite.index-150x150

During the holidays family and friends come to town to visit, and you may be looking for affordable dining places to bring them for a good time. Put Nakato at the top of your list of must do dining experiences. At Nakato, we don’t just serve food; we put on a nice show for diners who come to enjoy our savory grilled Teppan Yaki meals. Your assigned chef prepares your chicken, steak or seafood meal on the grill right in front of you. Waiting for dinner is fun and filled with plenty of chuckles. After the chef’s performance, your dinner party can relax while digging into an abundant plate of food accompanied by your favorite non-alcohol or alcohol beverage.

What’s great about eating at Nakato is that everybody is sure to get something they love. We offer comfort food in the form of lean Hibachi Steak, Salmon or Shrimp; Teriyaki Chicken or Steak; Vegetable Dinner with or without Fried Tofu and melt in your mouth Filet Mignon. We also accommodate people with hearty appetites. Order one of our combination platters: NY Strip Steak and Chicken, NY Strip Steak and Salmon, NY Strip Steak and Scallops, Shrimp and Chicken or the Seafood Combo with Shrimp, Scallops and Salmon.

Come to Nakato for holiday food, fun and good cheer and don’t forget a Nakato’s gift card for all your favorite friends and family.

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November is a Good Time for Sushi

Just because the weather has started to turn a little chilly it doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors for dinner every night. As a matter of fact, November is a great time to treat yourself to an evening california-roll-8-150x150of great dining at an establishment such as Nakato Japanese Steakhouse in Charlotte or Springfield. We’re always here providing our customers with some of the finest food in the Midwest.

And, if you think our sushi is delicious during the warmer months, it’s just as good during the winter months. Rain, shine, snow, sleet or wind we’re always open, ready to greet you with a smile and plates of fresh sushi prepared for you by our master sushi chefs. Our chefs take great care to select only the best fish for our restaurant. You see we’re sticklers for quality and because we prepare sushi according to established Japanese standards, you’ll never have to worry about being served a plate of third-rate sushi. Adherence to quality is one of the reasons why Nakato sushi bar in Springfield  and sushi bar in Charlotte gets top ratings by customers.

In particular, our sushi bar in Charlotte sushi platters tend to get raves from food fans. Choose among favorites such as the assorted nigiri tray with California rolls, the chef’s sampler tray featuring three types of fish, the sashimi tray with five types of fish and the big Nakato sushi dinner tray with nigiri and California rolls, soup, salad and appetizer. Any of these selections are a great way to warm up the spirits on a cold November night.index-150x150

Being an election year and month, why not stop in after the results are in and discuss the election outcome with friends over sushi?

Win or lose, we’re happy to feed Democrats, Republicans and Independents ample amounts of fresh nigiri sushi, sashimi sushi and sushi rolls. You may wish to wash down this delectable sushi with sake, beer or wine, depending on your mood. After finishing your meal, feel free to cast your “vote” for our restaurant at your favorite online review site.

Hey, we know that turkey day is happening this month too. We’ve got nothing against a beautifully baked turkey. In fact, we hope that you enjoy sharing turkey and all the trimmings with your family during Thanksgiving. However, you’ve still gotta eat dinner all those other days before and after Thanksgiving. So, grab the family and head on over to Nakato for a big platter of the finest sushi in Springfield.

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