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Month: August 2014

Nakato Japanese Steakhouse Features Tempura Battered Delights

One of the questions that come up when diners look at our menu selection is “What is tempura?”slide-6-150x150

When you see a tempura menu item at our Japanese restaurant in Charlotte or Japanese restaurant in Springfield, it means that it is food that has been dipped in a light batter and fried to a crispy texture. Tempura is synonymous with Japanese cooking. Stroll down certain streets in Japan and you’ll find vendors offering battered tempura snacks in paper cones. It is also commonly served in many Japanese restaurants.

Nakato brings the tempura tradition to our popular Japanese steakhouse restaurants. Western cuisine also has a tradition of fried foods like good old-fashioned fried chicken. Well, think of tempura in the same way. We whip up a light batter consisting of flour, egg and water and dip fresh foods into it such as shrimp, calamari and vegetables. The food is then deep fried until it has a light golden brown texture that is never greasy. When tempura is done right, it enhances the flavor of the main food item with a crisp, savory flavor. Dip the tempura food into a special sauce for added enjoyment.

At Nakato Japanese Steakhouse, tempura is served as an appetizer in our Charlotte sushi bar and restaurant . We offer our customers a choice of calamari, shrimp or vegetables done in the tempura style. It makes the perfect light snack to enjoy before the main course. We suggest trying it with wine, beer or saki from our beverage menu. Customers that have enough room for dessert may want to indulge in another Nakato favorite: Tempura fried banana topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Bananas go beautifully with the tempura batter.veggie-tempura-150x150

Although, many people think that Japan invented tempura, it did not originate there. Portuguese missionaries brought this culinary cooking method to Japan in the mid-sixteenth century. Of course, once it arrived, the Japanese totally embraced it and incorporated tempura into the regular cuisine. Today, tempura is so popular in Japan that home cooks serve it as a common side dish. Tempura crumbs are often served over a dish to give it an extra bit of texture.

Now that you know a little bit more about tempura and how it is made, we encourage you, your family and friends to head on down to Nakato for lunch or dinner. Order one or more tempura appetizers to enjoy while you are at our sushi bar in Charlotte or our sushi bar in Springfield. We’re sure that once you take your first bite of this deliciously crisp treat, it will become one of your favorite foods.

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There is Something for Everyone at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse

Gather a group together to go out for dinner and one thing is for sure, everyone has their own idea about what they want to eat. This is the main reason why restaurants have a wide veggie-150x150variety of menu selections. Take Nakato Japanese Steakhouse, for instance. We specialize in fine sushi made fresh each day in the traditional Japanese style. We know that all of our customers will not have the same tastes in sushi. For instance, people looking for a great sushi bar in Charlotte, NC where we have a location, have a slightly different taste palette than people seeking a sushi bar in Springfield, MO. If you were to visit both of our restaurants in these places, you’d see some familiar favorites on our sushi menu, like the popular California Roll, Philadelphia Roll and Salmon Skin Roll.

You would also find that we offer customers some unique sushi rolls designed to appeal to local taste preferences. In Charlotte, sushi Charlotte lovers chow down on favorites such as the 49’er, which is a California roll topped off with salmon, scallion and aioli. Snow crab is featured in the Alaskan Roll. Patrons that prefer bigger portions go for our Big Futomaki Roll stuffed with crab stick, cucumber, smelt roe, omelet, ginger and sweet squash. Our version of a Caterpillar Roll includes eel, eel sauce and avocado. Some diners go wild over our Bobcat Roll with crab stick, cucumber and boiled shrimp accented with fried crispies and sweet chili sauce.

In Missouri, the Futomaki Roll is made with whitefish powder, shrimp, crab, omelet, cucumber and pickled radish at our sushi restaurant in Springfield. The feel good Hope Roll brings together fried shrimp, crab, cream cheese with a touch of eel sauce. The friendly Cathy Roll is an easy choice with yellowtail tempura, crab, sesame seeds, avocado and tempura crumbs. We blow things up with the Dynamite Roll with mussels, fried shrimp, avocado, fish and hot sauce. We spin you around a bit with the Eel Twister Roll that includes fslide-5-150x150ried shrimp, crab, cream cheese and scallions topped with eel. To make dreams come true there’s our Rainbow Roll featuring select raw fish, shrimp, avocado, scallions and our special hot sauce.

Regardless of which Nakato restaurant location you choose to visit, you can be assured that our menu items are varied enough to please everyone’s individual tastes. Sure, that’s a tall order, because some people are very hard to please. However, we feel that we do a pretty good job of offering our customers some of the best sushi anywhere. While our sushi rolls are very popular with many diners, Nakato has plenty of other sushi items as well. We also offer nigiri style sushi with fresh slices of fish or seafood on top of rice. Nigiri looks beautiful and tastes exquisite.

We also realize that not everyone is interested in sushi. That’s okay, because we also offer our customers delicious grilled teppanyaki meals featuring steak, chicken and seafood. Come on over to Nakato and enjoy a great dinner just the way you like it – fresh and delicious!

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