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Month: November 2013

Top 5 Sushi Rolls You Should Try

Having a sushi craving? Then Nakato Japanese Steakhouse has the perfect sushi roll waiting for you. Sushi is a popular food that originated in Japan and has been exported to Western Springfield-02-150x150countries like the U.S. It used to be that sushi was only enjoyed by sophisticated foodies. Times have changed and now many people that eat all sorts of food have included sushi as part of their regular dining experience.

Even with its strong popularity, many people have never tasted this wonderfully delicate food. Some are turned off by the idea of eating raw fish. Be assured that sushi is commonly eaten by millions of people everyday, including children. The fish used to prepare sushi is always fresh and prepared with the utmost in professional skill. It is said that sushi is an acquired taste. That’s true.

Those who try it and like it always find themselves wanting more.

Everyone should try a sushi roll at least once. It is one of the healthiest foods found on the restaurant menu. The average plate of sushi contains around 300 to 450 calories. You can eat and enjoy it without feeling stuffed with unwanted fat and calories. Fish is known to be a healthy food with Omega 3 fatty acid, protein and rich nutrients. Rice and vegetables included in sushi rolls also contain nutrients and carbs that sustain the body physically and mentally.

But enough about the health benefits of sushi. People really eat sushi because it tastes great!

When you come to a Japanese Restaurant such as Nakato you get to choose from a wide selection of delicious sushi choices. For those that are not too familiar with sushi the question always arises, “What should I try?”

Here are five popular sushi rolls that represent a nice variety of flavors and textures:

Spicy Tuna Roll

This roll features the always popular tuna fish with an added dash of spice. The roll also includes masago, which is a roe that comes from capelin fish. Masago is a common sushi california-roll-8-150x150ingredient.

California Roll

This sushi roll was inspired by the land of beaches and sunshine. It features avocado, crab, mayo and masago.

Hope Roll

Enjoy the eclectic flavors and textures of fried shrimp, crab and cream cheese rolled in soy paper. On top is a sprinkling of tempura crumbs and a drizzle of eel sauce.

Philadelphia Roll

Freedom rings in this delicious roll with smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese.

Futomaki Roll

This intensely flavorful roll with shrimp, crab, whitefish powder, omelet, cucumber, gourd and pickled radish is for the slightly adventurous.

So the next time you have a craving for Sushi, stop by  Nakato Japanese Steakhouse to sample some of these delicious sushi rolls.

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Nakato Japanese Steakhouse: The Perfect Spot During Those Long Holiday Shopping Sprees

It’s that time of year again to make a gift list and head out on a shopping spree to hunt down the perfect gift for everyone. During the first half of your long day of shopping you are filled Black-Friday-150x150with anticipation and excitement. The stores welcome you with endless displays of items that delight the mind and senses. A crowd always seems to build around the most popular items. You expend lots of energy walking the aisles looking at countless products that may or may not be what you want.

A few hours into your excursion you realize that you’re hungry and need to refuel. It’s time to take a break away from the shopping madness and sit down for a nice meal. Hmm…where will you go?

There are so many choices of restaurants and fast food places. More than likely you’re in the mood for something casual that fills you up. You’ve got plenty more shopping to do and this is going to be your only opportunity to get some rest and nourishment. This is the point where we take a moment to toot our own horn a bit. Nakato Japanese Steakhouse fits the bill when you want to eat and relax in a casual atmosphere.

Nakato’s is a Japanese steakhouse that specializes in serving healthy meals cooked to order on our hibachi grills. As soon as you enter the restaurant, the wonderful aroma of savory cooked meat hits your nose. Depending on how hungry you are – and we figure you’ll have worked up quite an appetite by now. You can choose between our delightful selection of fresh sushi, or, go a bit heavier and indulge in a succulent plate of sizzling hot NY strip steak.

Other entrees we serve feature grilled chicken, shrimp and other fresh seafood. Along with your main course comes a generous portion of fried rice, noodles or salad. If readindex-150x150ing about this is making you hungry, imagine sitting inside our restaurant with a steaming hot plate waiting for you to dig in. Yes, it really is as good as you imagine.

Bringing along young children under age 12?

We have a special children’s menu featuring chicken, steak and shrimp in portions appropriate for their appetites.

Are you a big fan of tempura?

If so, you’ll be delighted with our tempura appetizers. There is teriyaki chicken, steamed or fried dumplings, shrimp, calamari and scallops and soybeans all cooked to perfection in a crispy light batter.

Do you love dessert?

Nakato’s has got you covered. Enjoy popular mouthwatering sweets such as banana tempura, butterfinger pie, turtle cream pie and chocolate lava cake.

Best of all, you’ll be thoroughly entertained by our famous hibachi chefs. Watch with appreciation and wonder as they skillfully prepare your meal right before your very eyes.

Taking a shopping spree break at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse restaurant is a great way to recharge your energy and lift your spirits for another round of holiday shopping.

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