Nakato Japanese Restaurant: The Cure for the Winter Blues

Posted on February 4, 2015 by admin in Japanese Restaurant Charlotte North Carolina, Japanese Restaurant Springfield Missouri

The “winter blues” is not just a figment of some poetry writer’s imagination. There really is such a thing called seasonal affective disorder that affects millions of people each winter. If you’re feeling a bit glum during these long winter days, perhaps you have a touch of SAD, which causes a feeling of mild depression

Creating the Perfect Sushi at Nakato’s Japanese Restaurant

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Have you ever wondered how the perfect piece of sushi is made? Truthfully, there isn’t a high quality Japanese restaurant in the world that hasn’t put much time and effort into creating perfect bites of sushi for customers. Of course, perfection is in the eye of the sushi eater, so any attempts at making the

Start Your New Year’s Off With a Trip to Nakato Japanese Restaurant

Posted on January 21, 2015 by admin in Sushi Bar Charlotte, Sushi Bar in Springfield

The New Year has begun in Charlotte and Springfield, with it comes all sorts of new possibilities to do exciting things. You’ve got a list of resolutions to get started on and there’s no better place to plan out how you’re going to do all these great things than at a Japanese restaurant in Charlotte

As the Weather Gets Cooler Nakato’s Sushi Heats Up

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Winter has arrived in this part of the world along with colder weather. While places like Springfield and Charlotte are not considered cold climates we still get our fair share of below freezing temperatures , and it’s usually these colder temperatures that make you wanna pull the blankets over your head and stay in bed

A Nakato Japanese Restaurant Gift Card Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

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Are you wondering what type of gift to give to certain people on your gift list? Some people are tricky to buy gifts for, because you’re not really sure what type of gift item is going to please them. This type of uncertainty can cause you some stress when you’re out holiday shopping. You look

The Holidays Start at Nakato Japanese Restaurant

Posted on November 25, 2014 by admin in Sushi Bar Charlotte, Sushi Bar in Springfield

November marks the official beginning of the holiday season here in Charlotte, which makes us very happy. More than any other time of year, the holidays usher in a cheerful spirit that is truly infectious! As the holiday decorations go up, we reflect on what an amazing year it’s been and how much we enjoy

November is a Good Time for Sushi

Posted on November 5, 2014 by admin in Sushi Bar Charlotte, Sushi Bar in Springfield

Just because the weather has started to turn a little chilly it doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors for dinner every night. As a matter of fact, November is a great time to treat yourself to an evening of great dining at an establishment such as Nakato Japanese Restaurant in Charlotte or Springfield.

Sushi vs. the Hamburger: You Decide

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Let’s face it. When it comes to eating out in Springfield or Charlotte, you’ve got lots of choices in the area of fast food. For decades, the American hamburger has reigned supreme as the ideal meal item to eat when you don’t feel like cooking, and you want something that fills you up and satisfies

October is the Perfect Time to Stop by Nakato Japanese Restaurant

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It’s October and everyone in Charlotte is comfortably settling into the fall routine. When it comes time to deciding where to have a great lunch or dinner meal, Nakato Japanese Restaurant should definitely be high on your list of must go places for sushi bars in Charlotte. Nakato has a spacious setting with a casual,

Nakato Japanese Restaurant Invites You to Stop By for Dinner

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There are those days when you simply don’t feel like making dinner at home, so you consider all of your options for eating out. You have two options: grab some quick fast food, or go to a restaurant where you can relax and unwind with some great food that is not the normal dinner fair.